What If There Is NO President by January 20th

What If There Is NO President by January 20th
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It COULD happen.  At least, SOME of the political experts are saying it COULD happen.

I think America should be prepared for every sort of political gymnastics conceivable come Tuesday, November 6th, 2012.
Battalions of lawyers are set to spring into action if there is a hint that Obama may lose.  Planning and preparations for such an eventuality have been in progress since the early days of the Obama Administration.

Tying the election up in the courts is the plan.  And these people are serious! 

So what happens if, indeed the US election is tied up in the judicial system come noon on January 20th, 2013?

"In cases where a President has not been chosen by January 20 or the President-elect "fails to qualify," the Vice President-elect becomes Acting President on January 20 until there is a qualified President. If the President-elect dies before noon January 20, the Twentieth Amendment states the Vice President-elect becomes President. In cases where there is no President-elect or Vice President-elect, the Amendment also gives the Congress the authority to declare an Acting President until such time as there is a President or Vice President. At this point the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 would apply, with the office of the Presidency going to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, followed by the President pro tempore of the Senate and various Cabinet officers."  SOURCE: 

OK.  But how exactly is the President-elect and Vice-President-elect decided, I mean, legally decided.  And here it gets cloudy and open to all sorts of legal challenges.

There are at least two schools of thought on that.

"Some commentators doubt whether an official President- and Vice President-elect exist prior to the electoral votes being counted and announced by Congress on January 6, maintaining that this is a problematic contingency lacking clear constitutional or statutory direction. Others assert that once a majority of electoral votes has been cast for one ticket, then the recipients of these votes become the President- and Vice President-elect, notwithstanding the fact that the electoral votes are not counted and certified until the following January 6."  SOURCE:   

That's one interpretation.

The other interpretation is a bit different:

"It will be noted that the committee uses the term "President elect" in its generally accepted sense, as meaning the person who has received the majority of electoral votes, or the person who has been chosen by the House of Representatives in the event that the election is thrown into the House. It is immaterial whether or not the votes have been counted, for the person becomes the President elect as soon as the votes are cast."  SOURCE: can see holes in this process resembling swiss cheese!elect_of_the_United_States   

See, our constitution along with our electoral process was set up originally by and for honorable people.  Our national forefathers never thought their country would devolve into the slick, slimy, legalistic swamp of unscrupulous, power-hungry, power-grabbing, brokers of political influence hell bent on saving America for Marxism.

I don't mean to say our national forefathers were saints.  They most assuredly were NOT.  But,  the sorts of underhanded political shenanigans common today were thought beyond the pale in the early days of the US.

As the days go by and we draw closer to election day, I am beginning to wonder if, perhaps, we ought to be prepared for a slog through the swamp that is the judicial system in America today BEFORE we have a President.

I  continue to remind myself that the polls can be manipulated and there can be no doubt that the mainstream media is doing everything it can to hype Obama and make him look good for the voters. 

We all saw how the MsM attacked Romney for observing that Obama's response to the Muslim attacks on our consulates/embassies was "disgraceful."  Suddenly THE story was not Obama's disgraceful response, but Romney's "attack" on Obama for making the disgraceful response.  See how they turned the story on its head?   That is the way it is done.

We Americans are in deep, deep,  trouble.  Something has to give.  Americans who actually understand what's going on in America today understand there are two ways this problem may be solved.  The first, of course, is the election.  If that fails, as some predict, then all bets are off.  I don't even want to think about the other option. But -- an observant American can already see that both the citizens AND the government are quietly preparing for option two.

These are, indeed, perilous times for America, times, as Thomas Paine said, "that try men's souls."  It has become clear that Americans who love freedom and liberty have no intention of going "gently (nor quietly) into that good night." (With apologies to Dylan Thomas)  There WILL be "rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Liberty's light, once outed, may never be lit again.

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. What with the right wing (by there own admission) fiddling with the electorate and controlling the ballotless voting machines-- it could happen. I expect to see a lot of ballots ending up in the trunks of cars. Either pick a strong candidate or cheat, Romney is not a strong candidate.

  2. What if the President-elect turns out to be a puppy dog in disguise? Seems as likely as your scenario.

    1. Well, that of course means that Sarah Palin is automatically President and she gets 42 wacks of the puppy-usurper with a rolled up New York Slimes. Duh.

  3. You don't know the half of it.

    I'm deep inside the upper echelons of the Democrat party. They think I'm a God-hating, gay-loving, hate-America-firster who wishes for Israel to be destroyed, like them. In reality, I'm about to blow open the coup d'etat they intend to unleash before Election Day.

    Be suspicious of anyone who comes to your door claiming to be registering people to vote. They're quietly marking the homes of good patriots with UV ink for when the overthrow begins. Get these people off your property as quickly as possible and warn your neighbours! Also, there are rumors of a secret executive order intended for a week before the coup to stand down the entire border patrol and let millions of illegals flood into the south to overwhelm any resistance! Obama intends to use Mexicans like Ghaddafi used black Africans in his failed attempt to shore up his collapsing regime. We need to plan a resistance now! We need to fortify the border with millions of patriots between now and Election Day, or there won't be another one! Make plans to join Citizens' Border Patrols during the week leading up to Election Day, because if we don't stand up for America, Obama will take it away from us!

    1. Wow...I never knew that. Could you also post the directions to making a shiny hat to keep the microwave radiation the government is poisoning us with out of my brain? Thanks!!

    2. No, it's true. I am also a super-secret "agent" deep inside the democRAT machine! (posting AnOnYmOusLy for obvious rasins).

      These FAGs are clearly "planning" something big! Mybe something coordinited with the UN and the Rand CORPORATION. I have yet to PENETRATE the inner "circle". but I will report back with more when

    3. You'll regret revealing the plan ahead of schedule, Agent Williams (and you should have known there's no such thing as "Anonymous" any more.) The New World Order does not abide traitors! It's off to the FEMA camp for you!

      Exitus Acta Probat - Novus Ordo Mundi

  4. What kind of moron uses Wikipedia as a reference?


    2. That is some funny posting right there.

  5. Wow, can I get some of the drugs you guys are on?

  6. Black president. Time to lose my shit.


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