Obama's Foreign Policy Failure

Obama's Foreign Policy Failure

Less anyone doubt the fact that President Obama's weak wristed foreign policy is panning out to be an unmitigated disaster a quick perusal of recent headlines should serve as a clarion call for November:

Cairo protesters scale U.S. Embassy wall, remove flag

Romney calls Obama administration response to Libya attacks ‘disgraceful’

U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack 

 US and Israel in open feud over Iran  

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama  

The Cairo-Tehran Express Egyptian-Iranian intelligence meeting prompts fears of a new Middle East terror axis  


Senkaku islands dispute escalates as China sends out patrol ships


There are others. These headlines just cover the day this post was written.

The problem is that after almost four years of apologies and appeasement America's enemies have figured out that under the leadership of President Obama they are free to act with impunity.  China, Russia, Iran, Egypt, et al have all begun to escalate anti-American rhetoric and action. Why not? The worst they will suffer is a poorly written poorly delivered rebuff from an eviscerated State Department.

Our enemies can see that our President is actively subverting and disbanding the military through his policies. They can see that we have all but thrown Israel to the wolves. What is there to fear from an administration that can scarcely bring itself to support one of is oldest (one of its only) allies in the middle east.

Carrion eaters can always sense the looming death of a wounded animal. Maybe that explains the inordinate number of them coming out of the woodwork just lately. If this country does not elect a real leader this November it may find itself on the menu.

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