What are they trying to hide about Elena Kagan?

Kagan watch reports the following:

In a letter to Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee Republican, Robert Bauer, counsel to Obama, implied the president may use executive privilege to hide some memos Elena Kagan wrote when she served in the Clinton White House.

“President Obama does not intend to assert executive privilege over any of the documents requested by the Committee,” Bauer writes.

“Of course, President Clinton also has an interest in these records, and his representative is reviewing them now,” he adds.

Click Here for original letter.

I guess it's just par for the course under the most "transparent" administration in this nation's history. The only thing transparent about the Obama administration is that it will seek to obfuscate the truth at every opportunity.

With the rush to confirm Elena Kagan, one has to wonder what is in the documents that are being reviewed by former President Clinton? What is it that president Obama "does not intend to exert executive privilege over" Why is the wording of that previous statement so noncommittal? President Obama's counsel, Robert Bauer, could have stated unequivocally that Obama would not assert privilege over the documents. The letter that was sent does seem to leave a lot of wiggle room for a change of heart.

Maybe they are trying to hide more things like this:CBS: Memos Show Kagan ‘Stood Shoulder to Shoulder with the Liberal Left’.

Incidentally, with over 150,000 documents related to Elena Kagan, the Clinton library is one of the richest sources of information related to Kagan.

Kagan may in fact turn out to be an outstanding justice but given the glaring lack of information and the stonewalling by the administration we have no way of making an intelligent decision on the matter. If Kagan and the administration have nothing to hide than the documents should be released without further delay. (The next sound you hear will be me holding my breath)

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