A response to "The Tea Party Goes Global"

“So, a couple of questions for Van Helsing and Hofkamp: all those people who are suspicious of one-world government, the UN and NAFTA—why shouldn’t they be equally concerned about multinational corporations and an unrestricted international free market? And if they are, how does their devotion to laissez-faire capitalism square with those concerns?”

Yes, I’m ever so scared of multi-national corporations because every week, they automatically take money out of my paycheck. I have to pay them taxes every year and “rent” (in the form of property taxes) for living on land that I OWN and pay money for public school to educate children that my wife and I do not have. I must pay taxes or these multinational corporations take it by force. Every year, multinational corporations pass laws restricting what businesses must do and cannot do, making it tougher and tougher for them to make a profit, hire more workers and provide better service.

Yes, these big, multi-national corporations intrude on my freedom, that’s for sure. I can’t remember how many times a MacDonald’s representative have come to my house and forced me to pay for and eat their food. I mean, Walmart has basically held a gun to may head and made me shop at their stores against my will, forcing me to pay less than I would at Shaw’s and Hannaford. Subaru tortured me until I bought an Outback. My Gibson and Fender guitars? My Macbook Pro? I definitely had to purchase them, no choice in the matter whatsoever. Hold bad. I was confused. The government steals taxes from me. I did all of that because I wanted to. I was getting confused. Now I remember clearly - I walked into those businesses, saw the prices and decided to buy.

If I do not like the service or the product, I don’t buy it. I could have purchased a different car, computer or guitar or none at all. I could have spent my money on something else. In fact, if I didn’t like the service or product, I could even decide to make it on my own and make it better or do it differently. I know it’s a radical, crazy idea. Yes, it’s quite difficult to grasp: Don’t like = no; do like = yes. I’ll take that, the freedom, and increased personal responsibility that comes with it. The alternative? The government option: we decide + you obey = life.

It should be illegal for governments to regulate and business, personal and family choices. It should be illegal for businesses to influence the government to help them or punish them in any fashion.

Only governments rule by force, the same cannot be said of companies or businesses. You have no choice but to obey the government’s laws, even the ones you disagree with or find morally wrong. Boy, I guess it’s easy to mix those two up, being how they are just so similar.

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