Live Results of Today's Primary Elections

There are nine races of importance according to Politico. We will bring you live updates of the following races as the polls close and the results flow in. Bookmark this page and return often for the latest results. (The following quotes are from Politico.com:)

Arkansas Senate Runoff

With Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s career on the line, this one easily rates as the day’s marquee Senate contest.

South Carolina Gubernatorial Primary

What more can be said about the depravity of South Carolina politics?

Somehow, after sidestepping racial slurs and late-breaking allegations that she had engaged in extramarital affairs, state Rep. Nikki Haley remains in a commanding position in the Republican primary for governor.

South Carolina 4th District Primary

GOP Rep. Bob Inglis has been tempting fate in one of the most socially conservative congressional districts in the nation.

A maverick’s maverick, he has expressed opposition to warrantless electronic surveillance and the military surge in Iraq, criticized GOP climate change skeptics, opposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and even voted against establishing constitutional protection of the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nevada Senate Primary

For most of the election cycle, the conventional wisdom has been that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is toast in November. His polling has been awful, it’s a tough year to run as a Democrat, and he just can’t seem to get any traction back home.

His saving grace, all along, has been the weakness of the GOP field. Now, as Reid has show some signs of life in the polls — he raised eyebrows recently simply by having a slight lead in some matchups — the prospect of former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle emerging as the GOP nominee is providing another burst of enthusiasm among his supporters.

Nevada Gubernatorial Primary

It’s not often that a political party holds its breath, hoping that an incumbent governor goes down in flames in the primary election. Yet that’s the situation in Nevada, where Republicans will be infinitely better positioned to hold the governorship if Gov. Jim Gibbons loses Tuesday.

California Gubernatorial Primary

The Democratic nomination for California governor is all but set: It will be state Attorney General Jerry Brown, former Oakland mayor, two-term governor and three-time presidential candidate.

While it’s unclear whether voters are ready to embrace him nearly 40 years after his first election as governor, there’s no question he’s a heavyweight whom Republicans will need to match with a similarly supersize character.

California Senate Primary

Republicans have long contended that Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is too liberal even for California. Yet the challenges never seem to gel.

This year, however, polls show Boxer is uniquely vulnerable, and her GOP opponents appear to be within striking distance.

Iowa Gubernatorial Primary

For all the talk of anti-establishment rage, voters so far have seemed to be receptive to the group of former governors who are seeking a return to the political arena.

One of them is former Iowa GOP Gov. Terry Branstad, a veteran of four terms in the 1980s and 1990s, who is leading businessman Bob Vander Plaats in the polls.

Virginia 5th District Primary

Freshman Rep. Thomas Perriello is one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the nation. That much almost everybody can agree on.

The question for Republicans, though, is who is best suited to take him on. State Sen. Robert Hurt is the front-runner and the GOP establishment favorite, a proven vote getter with deep Southside Virginia roots.

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