Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz Tells Tech Blogger to ‘F*** Off’

I am not sure what preceded the admonition that Carol Bartz gave to Michael Arrington but it must have been interesting.

First we have the Facebook founder calling trusted users "dumb f**ks" and now a Yahoo CEO telling a tech blogger to "f**k off". I wonder how these companies intend to engender trust and confidence in them when the exhibit such loathing for those who support them. Just a thought.

Below is the video of the exchange which was surreptitiously stolen from Breitbart T.V.:


  1. Wow - what a lady...
    I'd like to have heard the preceding remarks that lead to the explicit exchange, but I highly doubt there wasn't a more subtle (and ultimately more damning) way to remark to the blogger.
    This was unprofessional and makes Yahoo! & Co. look amateurish and uncouth.

  2. Well done, Ms. Bartz, I'll bet your mom is very proud of you and your elegant mouth.

  3. Carol Bartz is good in commenting on other companies rather than showing directions to her enterprise.She made quite a stir when she advised Facebook that it was not quite a social site! :)


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