Will the Democrats Nationalize the US Oil Industry?

Will the Democrats Nationalize the US Oil Industry?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Even a casual observer of the Obama Administration would answer the question asked in the title of this piece with a resounding “YES!” I mean, you can FEEL the electricity in the air when you mention the possibility of Obama nationalizing the US oil industry in the presence of democrats/secular socialists. I suspect, when out of public view, they are rubbing their hands together and doing a little jig of happiness at the very thought!

But, hold the phone! According to a recent poll, by Rasmussen, 65% of Americans say “HANDS OFF the US Oil Industry!” That same poll reveals that only 16% think it would be a good idea for the government to nationalize all the oil companies and run them on a non-profit basis. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided. (I am ALWAYS AMAZED AT THE PERCENTAGE OF “UNDECIDEDS” IN ANY POLL! Then, I suppose -- that is just me.)

One of the things we find amazing about this poll -- there has been a two percent drop in those favoring nationalization of the oil industry in just two years. In June of 2008, 29% favored nationalization of the oil industry and only 47% were opposed.

Some democrats/socialists are openly calling for the Obama Regime to take over the oil industry. In keeping with their “never allow a crisis to be wasted,” I should think the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would fall within that category.
Socialism in the United States has gone from “creeping” to a full “gallop!” Even some democrat commentators are asking publicly why the President doesn’t simply nationalize the oil industry and get the clean up of the oil spill done -- for the people, of course.

Frankly, I don’t think the government has a clue how to clean up that spill -- and they know it! Plus, the government does not currently have the equipment or the expertise required to plug a gushing oil pipe located a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

As far back as June of 2008 Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., joined the ranks of those threatening to nationalize the oil companies. He is reported to have said: "We (the government) should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market." (SOURCE).

Oh, I don’t think there is room for any doubt the democrats/socialists would nationalize the US Oil companies, and the American divisions of foreign oil companies, in a heartbeat if this were not an election year and they were not already in deep doo-doo.

It is time for America to understand that America now has a socialist government running things in Washington, DC. All one has to do is look around and consider the debris of what used to be a constitutional, representative, republic… in other words… a free country! That ended January 20th, 2009.

If the American electorate is unsuccessful in rescuing America from the clutches of the Marxists in charge of our government, in the Mid-Term Election this coming November, we will have far more to worry about than whether or not Obama nationalizes the oil companies.

From now until election day in November expect to be bombarded by propaganda in the press, by direct mail, by phone, by e-mail, even door to door propagandists working out of local democrat/socialist precinct offices spreading the gospel, the “Good News of Socialism,” Obama style!

Eventually the Gulf Oil Spill will be but an unpleasant memory. When memory does dredge it up, remember who stopped the oil from gushing from that broken pipe one mile deep in the ocean. It wasn’t Obama’s socialist government. No. Remember, they stood by, looking on and making comments, holding press conferences, and photo ops, much as the so-called “sidewalk supervisors” of by-gone days. What America saw was: socialist mediocrity, not American Exceptionalism, from the Obama Regime. And – it will only get worse until America is rescued from the democrat/socialist strangle hold.

We can do that -- NO – we MUST do that in November!
J. D. Longstreet


  1. Sorry, Mr. Longstreet, these arguments are just silly and border on being delusional. Nobody in the Obama administration is even remotely considering nationalizing the oil industry. One little congressman, making noise on one day almost two years ago, is not evidence of anything. If anyone responsible in the administration was even considering such a thing, don't you think that the Republican leadership would be saying something about it?

    And there's a huge difference between Democrats and socialists. Perhaps you should spend some reading about what socialism is and what it entails.

  2. I think the reason so many Democrats are labeled Socialists, is because many of them clearly believe in and enact laws which are predominantly indicators of past failed Socialist dictators and governments.

    All of the Socialist nations we have known and loathed throughout history have all indisputably taken guns away from its citizens, placed banks and businesses (such as automotive and military manufacturers) under government control, and forced everyone to accept a single health care plan. Just for starters. Nationalization is what it's typically called. And that's what Democrats seems to embrace.

    So, it's not at all unreasonable or illogical for anyone to assume that the Obama administration might consider taking over the oil industry too.

  3. Anon, you are correct to say that socialist nations have taken guns away from citizens, placed businesses and banks under government control and forced everyone to accept a single health plan. But so have many nations that we all agree are capitalist, including our close free-world NATO allies during the Cold War: Great Britain, Canada, Italy and West Germany. In addition, it is a major oversimplification to say that the Obama administration has taken guns away, forced everyone to accept a single health care plan or nationalized banks and businesses. President Obama has not touched gun control as part of his legislative agenda and has shown no disposition to do so. He hasn't nationalized the banks or even seriously considered nationalizing them. The auto bailout wasn't all that different from the airline bailout that was passed under President Bush or the S&L bailout that was passed under President Bush Senior. The TARP was put together and passed by Hank Paulson and President Bush, who are not socialists in anybody's book. And the health care reform falls more under the rubric of welfare state liberalism than that of socialism. None of this is a warrant for speculating, without evidence, that the Obama administration wants to nationalize the American oil industry.

  4. the day that any government clearly suggests that the government will take over all private property, make religion illegal, and incite "nationalism" by forcing non-majority citizens to assimilate into the populous to create an image of the ideal citizen to rally upon the nation's pride, will be the day that i, and hopefully other intelligent people will begin to call these representatives "marxists" and "socialists". This article has so many fallacies in logic, that would be a perfect example of what a logical person can see is illogical arguments of an opinion. When you distort the information and label something as "socialist" or "marxist" because it has only one of many conditions for it to be considered so, is too broad of a generalization. Once all the requirements of met by the definition of these word can they be labeled as such. It it quite pathetic for the author to use the phrase "democrats/socialists" to suggest to non-intelligent readers to believe that democrats and socialists are interchangeable. If this article was more thought out, with no fallacies of logic, (broad generalizations, straw man, beg the question), I would actually listen and consider these opinions. I refuse to listen to people who are illogical and use critically flawed reasoning to come to a conclusion, and this article is such.


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