What's Your Career?

Sunday on Meet the Press, David Brooks, writer for the New York Times, said the following, "Now He's loosing his career over that. And it's just a damn outrage." He was referring to Senator Robert F. Bennett (R) Utah and his 3rd place finish in the Republican Primary. Senator Bennett is in trouble, mostly because of his support of the Troubles Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the health care bill.

It's actually not an outrage, Mr. Brooks. See, every if you actually examine your statement, it reveals something very interesting about your politics, Mr. Brooks. He's loosing his career. His CAREER? I'm of the opinion that politicians are there for service. They are there to do the will of the people they represent. It's not a career. This is why many of the early reps had to be land owners and independently wealthy. I'm sure that Senator Bennett will do just fine for himself when he is out of politics, or he can simply join the other side, like Charlie Christ and Arlen Spector, putting his own election above the party he supposedly is a part of.

Unfortunately, too many people think politics is a career. Too many voters would hear David Brooks statement and not even think twice. Conservatives should NEVER listen these people, mostly because they gave us Arlen Specter, George Bush I and II, John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. If we elect these types of people, we are no different than Democrats. These types of people are what got us trouble in the first place. They are concerned with one thing - reelection.

The problem with a career politician is that it's actually in their best interest create problems for the country instead of fix them. Yes, you read that right. It's not in their best interest to actually find solutions for the nations problems. Why? Because if they fix a problem, you don't need them anymore. If there is a private solution or a simple fix for something, like building a wall on the southern border, then they become expendable and unimportant.

Ideally, the Republican Party should be a group of interchangeable parts because our solutions would actually reduce the size of Government, cut taxes, return control to States and deregulate private industries. It doesn't take a career politician to do that. It isn't rocket science. Anyone with a high school education could simply vote the way his or her constituents want. Mr. Brooks and his friend Senator Bennett need to stop pretending to be Republicans and join the Democratic party. That is the party of people who want careers in Washington.

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