Somebody needs to tell Pelosi to shut up.

(Begin Rant) Nancy Pelosi has the gall to speak of the dignity and worth of each person while simultaneously advocating the slaughter of millions of unborn children through abortion. If the Catholic Church, of which I am a member, has any guts at all they will tell Pelosi to pack it where the sun doesn't shine.

I am just about tired of listening to politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths. You either hold human life sacred or you do not. You can't have it both ways Pelosi. You either want Church and state separate or you do not. You cannot ask the church to advocate policy from the pulpit and then ban the words in God we trust. The church may at times be lead by tools but the Church is not a tool for your political advancement.

I doubt that her plea has much to do with the sanctity of life or individual freedoms and a whole lot to do with garnering the votes that will come from amnesty. Good luck with that you lying pile of excrement. (End Rant)


  1. (1) The question of the sanctity of life cuts across all party lines. Of course the Democrats are open to criticism on the abortion issue. However, the Republicans cannot point to themselves as paragons of virtue on this matter either--the questions of war and peace are just as implicated in the issue of sanctity of life. Thus President Bush might have thought of himself as a pro-life president, but may have fallen quite short of being really pro-life in practical terms. As a result, I think it is incorrect to say that "you either hold human life sacred or you do not." We don't live in the city of God, we live in the real world, and in that real world we are forced to make difficult decisions all the time whose status vis a vis the Catholic Church's teaching, and that of Jesus Christ, can be questionable or even troubling. Indeed, recent headlines suggest that even the Church itself is not immune to such difficulties and temptations.

    (2) Just as a matter of fact: has Speaker Pelosi ever sought to ban the words "in God we trust"? I am not under the impression she has.

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