Simon Cowell a conservative. Who knew?

Well, at least,  American Idol's most outspoken personality is eschewing conservative values in his latest editorial for The Sun.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Choosing how you vote should not be a snap verdict based on a few minutes of television. We are not talent show judges picking pretty-sounding contestants now.

The future government of our country is so much more important than that.

It should be everyone's birthright to get the chance to fulfill their dream.

Yes, for some it's being a pop star. But for many more hard-working Brits, it's something far less flash - it's starting your own business.

That's what it was for me. But that's harder in our country now than it has been for a long time and that really has to change.

It's not just that the banks won't lend. The masses of red tape, regulation and political correctness have tied us all up in knots.

On this I agree with Sir Philip Green - one of Britain's most successful businessmen, who runs the clothing chain Arcadia, including Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Burton and Dorothy Perkins.

It's the government's job to encourage entrepreneurialism and investment. Most importantly, it's the government's duty to inspire confidence.

It should give hope to the younger generation to build on our wonderful heritage. It should inspire us to get out there and create and invent.

And then it should get right out of the way.

Right now it takes twice as long to start a business in the UK as it does in the USA. I was recently told that around 40,000 new regulations have been introduced since 1998 - that's 14 every working day.

Then we were ranked 4th in world for least burdensome regulation. Now we are 86th. The problem with this tinkering is the State can stifle and frustrate ambition, rather than encourage entrepreneurs, which is crazy.

There's another thing I agree with Philip on about the economy, along with almost every other business leader in Britain.

Tackling the national debt mountain as soon as possible is vital.

Whether they run a record company or a grocery store, every boss will tell you you're in big trouble if you're borrowing more than you can ever afford to pay back.

Delaying the pain for future generations is suicidal. We've got to start getting the deficit down right now, not next year.

And this comes back to a bigger problem. I have always believed family plays a massive role in helping young people achieve.

Everyone can only benefit from the encouragement of their mum and dad. I certainly did, and remain eternally grateful for it too.

I worry that we are losing that old-school respect.

And I think this is down to a breakdown of rules. When I was young and we got caught pinching apples, we got a smack from the local policeman. Today if that happened he would be sued.

There is a tendency to punish the victim, not the criminal. If someone broke into my house or my mum's house, I worry that the burglar has more rights than me.

Knife crime is out of control. Over 100 serious knife crimes are committed every single day in this country.

And now I feel you are more likely to be convicted of speeding at 45 miles an hour than if you knifed somebody in the street. The problem is we have just got used to this.

Part of the solution is zero tolerance to anyone carrying a knife, but also giving kids who have run out of hope the feeling that they are being listened to and they have a future.

Tomorrow is the big day. Here's my opinion of the three party leaders if you want it. I have met two of them.

I cannot say for sure what Cowell's political affiliation is and for me it doesn't matter. The values he speaks of are the same values I hold dear as a Conservative. I have always enjoyed watching Cowell tear through contestants like a buzz saw now I also have a new found respect for him as a person.

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  1. Southern Man--

    Cowell eschews conservative values? As I read the article, he actually embraces them. And from what you say at the bottom of the article, you seem to read the article the same way. Right?


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