Russians know how to handle pirates: Kick their asses!

Maybe the other countries around the world who have been victimized by Somalian pirates could learn a thing or two from Russia. After having an oil tanker hijacked by the ragtag pirates the Russian Navy swiftly and unequivocally kicked their Somalian asses and reclaimed the ship; good for them.

If the other wussified nations of the world would take the same approach I imagine it would not be long before the pirates became farmers; or at least fertilizer.

The following excerpts come from the Washington Post:

Russian forces storm oil tanker, 1 pirate killed

ABOARD THE CARLSKRONA -- A Russian warship hunted down an oil tanker hijacked by Somali pirates and special forces rappelled on board Thursday, surprising the outlaws, who surrendered after a 22-minute gunbattle. Twenty-three Russian sailors were freed.

The dramatic Indian Ocean rescue came a day after pirates seized the tanker, which was heading toward China carrying $50 million worth of crude. One pirate was killed and 10 others were arrested, officials said.

The Russian destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov had rushed to the scene following Wednesday's seizure of the Liberian-flagged tanker, Moscow University.

After spotting the hijacked vessel early Thursday, the warship fired warning shots from its large-caliber machine gun, undeterred by the tanker's flammable cargo of 86,000 tons of crude.

Oil tankers don't even allow crew members to smoke on board because of the risk of igniting the cargo, but the Russian navy decided to move in with weapons after determining the crew had taken refuge in a safe room.

"The Marshal Shaposhnikov came near the tanker and after establishing contact with the crew, who were taking cover in the machine area of the ship, opened warning fire from large-caliber machine guns and a 30mm artillery complex," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Special forces troops then rappelled down to the tanker from a helicopter, Rear Adm. Jan Thornqvist, the EU Naval Force commander, told an Associated Press reporter aboard the Swedish warship Carlskrona, which was patrolling 500 miles (800 kilometers) west of the rescue site.

The startled pirates opened fire and a gunbattle ensued that killed one pirate and wounded three before the hijackers surrendered, the Russian state news channel Rossiya-24 said. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Alexei Kuznetsov said a large weapons cache was seized.

The operation's success was due to the surprise factor, said a Russian military officer aboard the warship. "The pirates were taken by surprise. They did not expect such resolute measures from us," Capt. Ildar Akhmerov told RUA Novosti news agency.
And my favorite quote from the story:

The raid shows that some governments are taking a more robust stand against pirate attacks, especially when their citizens are involved, said Graeme Gibbon Brooks of Dryad Maritime Intelligence in Britain.

"...taking a more robust stand..."; that's just funny.

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  1. Nice post, Southron. To it I would like to add that our own Navy SEALs did a pretty decent job when confronted with a similar situation recently, and that the French (!) have not been too badly a job either. All in all, it appears that the occupational hazards of being a Somali pirate have increased significantly in the past couple of years.

  2. "If the other wussified nations of the world would take the same approach[...]"


    You think the rest of us just bend over and take it?

    French commandos did the same thing a year ago.

    You should also look into the Combined Task Force 150 and Operation ATALANTA and you will see that well over 30 nations have military in the area and many more aiding this fleet with other means.

  3. ---------You think the rest of us just bend over and take it?---------

    I don't think that's what Southron was saying, although I can see how you would draw the conclusion. I think that his point is that, for a good while there, the preferred solution of the shipping companies was to pay whatever ransom the pirates demanded, with predictable results. CTF 150 and Operation Atalanta, which I'm not familiar with, sound like good solutions to a problem that never should have developed to this degree.


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