New Cancer treatment: Cigarettes and Vodka?

Since when are the cause and cure of a disease the same? European countries, most notably Greece, have taxed and spent with reckless abandon; that's the disease. Now they are being given $1 trillion dollars to spend to fix the problem of over spending; that's the cure? That cough sounds terrible. Care for a cigarette?

Nations of the world are treating the cancer that is socialism with painkillers; never addressing the root cause. The cancer has metastasized in Greece; what was a cancer limited to the government has spread to the populace. That explains the riots. What is beyond explanation is how a populace can become so desensitized that it would advocate its own suicide. Man your wasted; how about another drink?

What is most worrisome about Greece's terminal condition is that, unlike most forms of cancer, theirs is communicable. What we are witnessing abroad is spreading fast and our great nation has already begun to manifest symptoms.

What makes the story all the more depressing is that we did not contract this disease by chance or happenstance. This nation was intentionally infected. We unwittingly ingested the carcinogens. They were well hidden; wrapped in platitudes, lies and empty promises. For years the cancer has been festering; waiting to erupt and claim the last bastion of freedom.

All the while our malevolent benefactors have kept us sedate and glassy eyed. They have feed us an endless supply of intoxicants in the form of government programs and giveaways. They have divested us of our solidarity by subdividing us into neat little factions. They have siphoned off our means one tax dollar at a time and our motivation one social program at a time.

What we are left with appears healthy at a glance but upon closer inspection the illness is apparent. There is still time, of course, to treat this ailment. The cure is within our grasp.

If we are to survive we must rediscover those life saving principles that were so graciously bestowed upon us. We must filter out the contaminants and infuse this nation with the only know cure for the malignancy that threatens us; a return to the principles outlined in the United States Constitution.

We must act fast though; the poison is racing through our system and damaging vital organs. The longer we delay treatment the more significant the damage and the longer recovery will take. We have the opportunity this November to begin our rehabilitation. Do we have the willpower to ween ourselves of the governments malevolent teet? We will see...

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