Madlib your own political story. It has to be better than what's on the news.

For those of you old enough to remember them Madlibs were an endless source of mindless entertainment. Given the news stories, as of late, it seems as if most news outlets are just changing the names and locations and otherwise recycling worn out cliches.

I figured with the abundance of intelligence exhibited by my readers we could muster some interesting stories Madlib style.

Grab a partner and try your hand:

Today (title) Obama announced that he would (verb) small businesses in an effort to (adjective) them.
President (proper name) claimed the (noun) necessary in order to prevent a (noun).
During the President's (animal) several (noun plural) (verb) and (verb) the (noun). The president proclaimed, (adverb), that such (fruit) would be severely (verb ending in ed). Police arrived and the (noun plural) were quickly (verb past tense).

Its a short one but I see potential here. Comment back with your results or a more interesting version.

Tea Party ________ gathered today in __________ to _________ . The gathering was _________ by _________.

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