Liberal writer wanted.

The Silent Majority is seeking to comply with the wishes of the federal government by offering opposing viewpoints. It has therefore become necessary to seek out a qualified liberal writer to post articles expressing those views.

All submissions that meet the following requirements will be considered:

1. Writer must be able to form cogent thoughts and then transfer them to the proper electronic format.
2. All work submitted must make use of the proper rules of grammar and contain complete sentences.
3. No profanity, racial slurs or unwarranted ad hominem attacks may be used.
4. Writers may not advocate a violent overthrow of the government or advocate physical violence against any person or group.
5. No pornographic images or other blatantly sexual content will be permitted. 

Other than the above listed prohibitions authors are free to address any subject matter they believe to be appropriate.

If interested in writing for this blog please send an e-mail with a sample article to silentmajority@embarqmail.com

1 comment:

  1. I have been looking for YEARS to find a liberal who can say or write anything matching the above. I have yet to see it happen.

    Logic simply doesn't exist on that side, in any sort of logical way.


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