L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

"It's a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism". You mean where the United States allows Mexican and other Latin American residents to walk across the border to live with rights and freedoms that they don't have in their countries? You mean a struggle against the country where they can send their kids to school for free, get drivers licenses, receive no cost medical treatment and legal council when they commit a crime? You can't mean that country, can you? The imperialist, capitalist country, the United States, which is so bad, you can stand there with a group of people and insult it and not have anything happen to you. Were you talking about that country?

"These frail, racist white people want to keep us out." If we here in the United States are so frail, racist, imperialist and just all around terrible people, why are you here? Why come here if it's so bad?

"We have our long history of our comindante Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evan Morales, Che Guera.." So if they run such great countries and are so amazing why are their citizens coming here? Why not just go there and live the dream? If capitalism is the enemy, why not go and live in the socialist paradise of Latin America, instead of the evil imperial capitalist America?

These are the people who are teaching in America? This is education in America?


  1. This guy is obviously giving his oddball argument to a very tiny audience. Although his sentiments are radical, they are not representative of anybody but his own self. This is not teaching in America and this is not education in America, or least not any more than it would be if someone happened to be captured on camera at a political rally spouting some crazy right-wing argument and just happened to be a teacher.

  2. Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit is saying that this video is from 2007. He's not saying that it's not worth criticizing, mind you, just that this piece of video is at least 2 years old and hence not really news.

  3. Interesting. By that argument we shouldn't be hearing constantly about what Bush did as all of that was from 2008 and before and hence, not news.


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