House Passes Beer Resolution? Wait, What?

With the world experiencing a financial meltdown, Iran developing nuclear weapons and oil spewing into the golf the United States House of Representatives is busy passing resolutions on beer week?

I think maybe our legislators have their priorities just a bit backwards. Don't misunderstand, I am all about a good beer. It's just that given the state of our economy and the world at large the House may be better served to put the beer on ice for a while.

The following comes from Politico:

While most of Washington was focused on Tuesday's election results, the House was busy doing something else: Passing a resolution about beer.

House Resolution 1297, sponsored by Rep. Betsy Markey, supports "the goals and ideals of American Craft Beer Week."

"We've got quite a number of microbreweries and entrepreneurs that are creating jobs, and we wanted to celebrate that this is a craft," Markey told POLITICO.

"I think beer has been a tradition since this country was founded," said Markey. "We wanted to celebrate entrepeneurship — and good beer!"

Markey is obviously partial to brews from her home state of Colorado, but she won't claim a favorite.

"You can't just have one," said Markey. "It really depends on what mood you're in. Sometimes, I like a light beer — I might want a Skinny Dip — or otherwise prefer a heavier brew."

The real question is: Why would anyone vote against this?

"It does seem like a no brainer," said Markey.

What seems like a "no brainer" Rep Markey is spending your time fixing the financial mess we are in and making the world safe for Democracy. Once that is accomplished I would be more than happy to join you and the rest of the House in an Obama-esque beer summit.  Your buying, of course.

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