Austin "Mole Man" a Tea Party Member?

It's not that big a stretch. The guy lives in Texas, he has guns and explosives therefore he must be a Tea Party member. If I can make the leap of faith required how long will it be before the main stream media jumps on it?

The guy obviously has issues. While having an underground bunker looks good on paper one may not simply grab a shovel and excavate the underpinnings of the surrounding neighborhood. Well, at least, you shouldn't.

The motivation for such an undertaking remains a mystery at the moment. Given the propensity of the media to assign right wing intentions were evidence is lacking I suspect this guy will soon be deemed a right wing fanatic. In the mean time it is fun to marvel at the lunacy that occupies dark little corners of existence within an otherwise normal society. To that end please enjoy the commentary and video supplied courtesy of

The City of Austin Tuesday released photos of the web of tunnels a man dug underneath his East Austin home.

Under the yellow home are three stories of tunnels. For at least two years, neighbors suspected owner Jose Del Rio was up to something strange, but had no idea just how busy he'd been.

"He must have dug day and night, day and night,” said Zeldta Landon.

Landon's grandmother lives next door to the property. She showed KVUE where the ground has begun to cave in along the fence line. You can even see down into Del Rio's underground bunker. She says Del Rio was often seen carrying out loads of dirt.

On Tuesday, the city released pictures from below taken by code compliance officers. Del Rio apparently used ladders to travel from level to level.

According to a search warrant executed on May 8th, officers found 19 guns down there, ammunition, batteries and chemicals.

"Primarily some compressed gas tanks, acetylene and oxygen, which are primarily used for welding,” said Melissa Martinez, code compliance department.

KVUE shared the photos with Landon's family.

"It's scary to know that he had all that down there. What if something had exploded,” Landon said.

Melissa Martinez with the city code compliance department says the priority is safely removing those chemicals.

The city is working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Once the property is safe, officers will be able to determine just how many code violations Del Rio has and if the house will remain standing.

"I can tell you that our consulting engineering group has given a recommendation on the extent of the excavation and they believe that filling the hole is a viable option,” Martinez said.

We should know the final decision on the property in two weeks.

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