Arlen Specter loses primary decides to run on "turncoat" ticket.

I guess good ole' Arlen Specter has learned a valuable, if not belated, lesson: No body likes a turncoat. After changing parties from Republican to Democrat in hopes of being reelected Specter finds himself among the ranks of the unemployed.

From all of us whose faces you unceremoniously spit in when you jumped ship: Bye bye now don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

The Washington Post reported:

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter (D), a Senate fixture who switched parties a year ago, lost his bid for reelection Tuesday, while in Kentucky, ophthalmologist Rand Paul rode the anti-Washington energy of the "tea party" movement to an easy victory.

On a busy primary election night that put the political establishments of both parties on the defensive, Specter fell to two-term Rep. Joe Sestak. Elected five times to the Senate as a Republican, Specter had the support of President Obama and the political leadership of his state, but he ran into rank-and-file resistance inside his new party and became the third member of Congress to lose his own party's support in the past two weeks.

Arlen you will be missed; like a bad rash. Goodbye. 

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