This is America; We Speak English.

Republican Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James touched of a firestorm of controversy with his proclamation "This is Alabama; we speak English". James follows up with "if you want to live here, learn it."

Is James wrong in his assertion? Yes and no; at least in my humble opinion.

James is wrong only in as much as he limited the statement to Alabama. It should have been "this is America; we speak English". The only real question is why his statements touched of any controversy to begin with.

If we were standing in Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proudly proclaimed "this is Iran and we speak Persian (Farsi)" would anyone bat an eye?

If we were in Germany and the Bundespräsident, Horst Köhler, made the same proclamation would there be riots in the street?

Pick a nation. Pick a language. The answer would be the same with one glaring exception; The United States.

For some reason we seem to be the only nation who's leaders are prohibited from indulging in PDP (public display of pride). Why is that? Why do we stand for it?

This is America and we speak English. That is our heritage and we should speak those words with pride. We should be proud that we are a superpower. We should be proud of every accomplishment that has made this nation second to none.

I do not know Tim James but I know he was right on this particular point.

I am proud to have been born here. I am equally proud that I am of Cuban and German descent. It is possible to be proud of my ancestors and my country at the same time.

I am an American and I speak English.


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  2. So, if I'm following your argument here, what you're saying is that American should be more like Iran?

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