Thaddeus McCotter for U.S. Congress, Michigan's 11th District.

 The search for conservative candidates goes on. The next stop on this cross country electorial voyage leads us to Michigan's 11th District.

Thaddeus McCotter is the incumbent in this race. He has blasted President Obama and his policies on the floor of the house and anywhere else he could garner the podium. We need to support McCotter in his re-election bid in Michigan.

I have included a couple of videos rather than quote McCotter's website. I believe his actions on the floor speak volumes about his character and principles. I have posted a previous video of McCotter schooling the public on how to speak Democrat that is worth checking out as well. This guy is a keeper and we need a bunch more like him.

I would encourage my readers to send me information on conservative candidates running for national office in their areas as well so that we can help get them elected. You can reach me at The Silent Majority.

It is not possible for me to profile every conservative running but I will post as many as I can in the time we have left before the November mid-term elections.

The list so far:
Marco Rubio - U.S. Senate, Florida;
Allen West - U.S. Congress, Florida's 22nd District
Dr. Donna Campbell - U.S. Congres, Texas 25th District
Todd Long - U.S. Congress, Florida's 8th District
Thaddeus McCotter - U.S. Congress, Michigan's 11th District

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