Texas needs to dump Lloyd Doggett and elect Donna Campbell.

Rather than sit idly by until the November elections I have decided to seek out and profile strong conservative candidates from around the country.

I have started in Florida because that is my home state. I would encourage my readers to send me information on conservative candidates running for national office in their areas as well so that we can help get them elected. You can reach me at The Silent Majority.

It is not possible for me to profile every conservative running but I will post as many as I can in the time we have left before the November mid-term elections.

The list so far:
Marco Rubio - U.S. Senate, Florida;
Allen West - U.S. Congress, Florida's 22nd District
Dr. Donna Campbell - U.S. Congres, Texas 25th District

The race in Texas' 25th Congressional district is not going to be an easy one. Rep. Lloyd Doggett is the incumbent in one of the few liberals bastions in an otherwise conservative state. The good news is conservatives have a strong candidate in Dr. Campbell to face off with Doggett.

There are clear differences between the two candidates to be sure; Doggett is nothing more than an Obama sycophant and Campbell a staunch conservative. With the stakes at an all time high, the very future of our nation at hangs in the balance, I strongly urge conservatives of all stripes to make a statement this November by voting for the candidate who will represent the will of the people.

I have included some of Dr. Campbell's stances on the issues below. For a complete list of the issues please visit Dr. Campbell's site HERE.

Strong Ally Support and National Defense

If we do not stand strong with our allies we will find ourselves standing alone in this world of unpredictable governmental regimes and evil radical groups. Our troops should be fully supported in their deployments, and should remain in the theater they are engaged in until the military objective of the mission (be it peacekeeping, humanitarian aide, infusing the rule of law, fighting terrorists, etc.) is secured as determined by the commanders on the scene.

Climate Change

You might remember what this section would have been called a few years ago: “Global Warming.” Problem with that was, there is no global warming. Temperatures are fluctuating up and down in natural cycles now just as they have for centuries. Let’s not fix what’s not broken by enacting new regulations, like the “Cap and Trade” boondoggle.


The Constitution states the rules of the game for ensuring this great republic of ours stays strong and stays independent. These rules are not for changing by judges, nor are they open to alternative interpretation by judicial activists. The power to legislate rests firmly with Congress, not the bench.


Sometimes good people get into bad situations and need and deserve the help of their fellow countrymen and women. But it’s time to rein in big government giveaway spending on those that can do for themselves. Our current leaders in Washington are doing little more than buying votes—with your tax dollars!

Health Care

I have firsthand knowledge of the precarious nature of our country’s health care system as a physician. The current health care business model simply does not work; and it won’t work until individuals are empowered, encouraged and enabled to take direct control and responsibility for their own health.

Second Amendment

"...The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Veterans and Active Military

Those who have donned a military uniform to serve our country deserve the very best in healthcare and other service benefits; and those now serving at home and abroad deserve the very best in equipment, pay and care.

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