So go the sheep to the slaughter.

I must admit, as I have watched the rights of the people erode away under the constant assault of progressivism, I have become more cynical. Each day dawns beneath an oppressive haze that occults the light leaving my soul yearning for a glimmer; yet the shadows grow longer and more pronounced before me. In those dark shadows germinate the seeds of contemptible damnation that follow.

As I struggled to find my place in this new, vastly different, America I stumbled upon a realization of startling proportions; my standing in the New Order is secure.I am, after all, an agent of the state; I am a police officer.

I have weighed the argument with great consternation. While society crumbles around me and unrest takes hold I will become increasingly unhindered by the archaic conventions outlined in the now defunct constitution. I will be freed of the constraints set forth in that crumbling and useless document. As the state gains power so, logically, will I.

I will no longer be bound by such arcane concepts as "the rights of the accused". I will no longer have to trouble myself with the useless trappings of propriety such as warrants or Miranda rights. I will be acting as a lawful agent of an omnipotent government with no dissenting voices to impede justice's swift execution. No more "show" trials or lengthy appeals. No more "due process" only justice doled out as deemed expedient by a faceless bureaucracy.

It will be utopia for those who have standing and hell for those who do not; the damnable, ubiquitous slavery of equality for the masses and glorious opulence for the rulers and their minions. A place where each renders homage according to his means to sate the elite according to their desires.

I must forsake my oath to protect and serve the people and follow a new malevolent master; a small price. The folly of rebuking such a system seems unthinkable when those who would suffer most run so willingly towards that very end. Why follow the mollified masses to the abattoir when it is of their own design? It seems so much more sensible to abandon the fools who call for their own slaughter and take a seat at the table where they will be served. It is better to partake of the wine then to feel the weight of the press upon my neck.

If the sheep went not so willingly to their end I might think differently. If the wolves were challenged by the flock then I could stand with them in confidence. They have thus far shown no signs of sentience, no sense of alarm, despite the warnings of the shepherds; grazing unmindful of the predators that now surround them.

No, it is better to dine with the wolves then to be dined upon; better to be counted among the predators than the prey. So be it.

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  1. Eye-opening article.

    Too many people are willing to submit to government controls in exchange for supposed benefits. But historically, socialism was never something demanded by "the masses," as Ludwig von Mises explained, it had to be sold to them with great difficulty. Because the idea did not originate with "ordinary people," but with pseudo-intellectuals, there is reason for optimism that good sense will finally prevail. To me, the Tea Party movement a hopeful sign.
    Thanks for a thoughtful article, as usual.


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