Senator Leahy tries to sell Obama's next nominee for the Supreme Court.

I found the following quote to be laughable. The only thing that surprised me about it was the fact that Senator Leahy delivered it with a straight face:

Senator Leahy, you've conferred with the president, with the White House, how is he approaching this decision?

I think that he's doing it in a very responsible way, he's doing it very methodically. He wants somebody who is going to be a solid member of the court. He has made it very clear he's not looking for somebody who'll be there to represent just Democrats or just Republicans but to represent Americans, to give a voice to Americans who are affected, everyday Americans who are affected by court decisions. And in many cases, the court decisions have hurt ordinary Americans. He wants somebody who has a sense of what real life is in America.
I was awed at the ability of Senator Leahy to lie with a straight face. He claims that President Obama plans to pick a supreme court nominee who represents America. I'm wish I knew what Senator Leahy was basing this on. Maybe its the fact that President Obama did listened to the American people when he shoved through the stimulus plan. Or perhaps it was when President Obama rammed through health care reform.

In any case it's relatively clear that whoever President Obama picks to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court they will represent the radical left and not main stream America.

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