The new $100 dollar bill not worth the paper it's printed on.

The federal government is notorious for wasting time and money. The issue of a newly designed $100 dollar bill is a perfect example of both. The new bill is supposed to prevent counterfeiting; much like the cutting edge design of the Titanic was supposed to prevent sinking.

Included among the new security features that absolutely no one will check are:

1. A blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the front of the new $100 dollar bill which contains pictures of bells and 100s that move and change from one to the other as you tilt the new $100 bill.

2. In addition, the Bell in the Inkwell on the front of the $100 bill is another new security feature. The bell changes color from copper to green when the $100 bill is tilted.

3. The back of the new $100 dollar bill has a new vignette of Independence Hall featuring the rear, rather than the front, of the building.

The new bill has some of the security  features found on the old 100 dollar bill such as the watermark. (Which apparently did not prevent counterfeiting either)

Since no one bothers to check for these features counterfeit bills will still manage to find their way into circulation. Remember this; the people who take your money and make change at the local Publix or McDonald's are not experts in counterfeit money. It has been my experience that the average person does not even realize that there are security features associated with money.

Try this experiment yourself: Ask a friend to show you the watermark on a $50 dollar bill. If they look at you quizzically you have just proven how big a waste of money redesigning our currency is. 

This is a nice video of the new bill. I wonder how many Franklins were wasted on this masterpiece?

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