"I was a Republican before I was a Democrat" - Arlen Specter

I wonder if Arlen Specter is rethinking that whole Republican-to-Democrat thing about now? Even if he isn't it seems the voters in Pennsylvania are rethinking that whole Senator-Specter thing.

After deciding he his future was brighter as a Democrat its seems as if Pennsylvania voters are poised to make him pay for going all liberal on them.

Real Clear Politics reports the following:

Pennsylvania: Public Policy Polling is in Pennsylvania for the first time, and it finds continued bad news for Senator Arlen Specter. Republican Pat Toomey leads Specter 46%-43%, a small lead that is consistent with most other polling. Toomey leads Democrat Joe Sestak by a 42%-36% margin, although with Specter leading Sestak by double digits in every poll taken so far, including a recent Q poll, and with the May 18 primary looming, it looks increasingly unlikely that the Congressman will be able to unseat the Senator.

A major problem for the Senator is that President Obama has an upside-down 46%-50% approval rating in the state. A near-majority, 49%-44%, believe that Republicans should work to repeal the recent health care law. And only 34% approve of Senator Specter.

Specter has lost any residual support he may have had with Republicans -- they disapprove of him 12%-78%. But only a bare majority of Democrats approve of him: 53%-30%. He's very much upside down with Independents (32%-52%). Those are horrendous numbers for a Senator who has served since 1980. But given the slight Democratic tilt of the state and Toomey's overall conservatism, this remains a Tossup.

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