I am a tired American

~~I Am A *Tired* American~~

I am tired of many things going on today, things that seem designed to undermine and destroy our great country. Certainly, we all have the right to express our opinions and, naturally, every American holding any particular ideology will see things that do not correspond to his idea of the "real America" at any given time.

It is right and good that we, as citizens, should seek to make the changes we think necessary to make our country strong. We can all agree that people of intelligence and integrity might agree to disagree, but there are some things about a country that, when abandoned or abruptly changed, creates a place markedly different than what it was previously.

These sorts of seminal changes in the fabric of a nation should only be undertaken when that fabric is rotten even to its core. There have been bad spots of America that had to be surgically removed, we all know. But the core of this nation, despite its blemishes, is not now and never has been rotten.

*I am tired of the Constitution being treated as if it is written on a chalkboard to be erased and re-written at will.
*I am tired of teachers who imagine that teaching feelings is better than teaching facts.
*I am tired of people who think all of our soldiers are thugs.
*I am tired of being told that over 3,000 Americans "deserved" to die just because they got up to go to work September 11th. No one, anywhere, deserves to be blown up in an office building, a disco, a mall or as they travel in a plane or a commuter train.
*I am tired of being told that the people who perpetrate such acts are driven to it by the United States and merely need to be "understood" instead of stopped, sick of being told they should be treated like a purse-snatcher instead of a terrorist.
*I'm tired of being told it was an *inside job*.
*I am tired of actors as assumed "experts" on issues that they portrayed in a movie.
*I am tired of people who feel that government should be our Mother and Father, giving those politicians such power.

And, finally,,,,

*I am tired of patriotism being presented as some sort of disease or mental illness. I am proud that this great country has sponsored some of the greatest inventions in history. It has entertained and let soar the imagination of every soul on the planet. It has raised the standard of living for every nation on earth. It has brought food and products of necessity to the world. It is responsible for bringing democracy to many oppressed peoples across both time and geography. It truly has been a beacon of freedom spreading its light over the earth.

America Is NOT an evil place. And I am sick and tired of being told it is.

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