Exactly how do you leave yourself an inheritance?

Exactly how do you leave yourself an inheritance?

Well that would be one way I guess.

I have grown weary of listening to President Obama and his army of slavering sycophants blathering on about how they inherited this economic disaster. I witnessed another such attempt to divert the blame to President Bush over the Easter weekend. Maybe someone should remind the Democrats Bush has been gone for almost two years.

The real problem with this claim of having inherited the problem is it assumes that Obama and the Democrats had nothing to do with it. The truth is the principle architects of the economic crash are the same ones claiming to have inherited it. As a matter of fact the Democrats controlled the congress during the end of Bush's presidency.

More to the point President Obama was one of those Senators serving during the prelude to the disaster. For Obama to now claim that he inherited this mess is tantamount to inheriting one's own fortune; or misfortune if you prefer.

Why the media never bothers to point out this fact is a source of endless gastric imbalance to conservatives. When Obama is preaching to conservatives to "stop talking" he should take his own advice.

Even if we presume the economic mess was something left by others for Obama to find he was not an unsuspecting patsy. Obama did not inherit the job of President of the United States, he begged for it. If he was unaware of what that entailed he should not have run. Now that he has the job that he lied to get he is whining that its too hard because the other guys before him screwed everything up.

I guess it would gall me less if he spent less time talking about who screwed it up and spent a little more time trying to fix it. Thus far Obama's answer to the economic crisis consuming the country is to throw gasoline on it. I wonder where he is hiding the fiddle?


  1. Is this a bad joke or are you serious? Obama, just over a year. Republicans, 12 years ruled house and senate. Bush, 8 years of ruthless spending and destruction of our economic backbone... You're either an idiot or a bad comedian. As dumb as, "Don't blame me you're broke I only stole your wallet."

  2. It is likely that Obama will be judged quite harshly as a president, but we are only 30 percent into his term. I suspect he will be excoriated by history and his countrymen for dramatically accelerating the major domestic concern facing the United States: our unsustainable and soon-to-be debilitating deficit and debt.

    Most of the blame is not to be laid upon Obama upon entering the office, although he was complicit in part of the collapse as he voted for blocking reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while senator, which contributed to the collapse of the housing market. While his party, like the GOP, was clearly complicit in the situation, and Obama’s own actions in the Senate, much of the river of red ink he inherited was due to a financial and credit implosion for which he wasn’t chiefly responsible.

    What I do hold President Obama responsible for is that he had the choice of doing something when he took office when it was clear that our debt and deficit had reached crisis proportions. Although, this was not the case when he was a candidate, it was the situation when he assumed the presidency. Obama was simply too interested in passing his agenda, come hell or high water, and rather than rethink this core purpose of his presidency, he decided to pursue his agenda in a state of denial, as if the financial collapse that began in September 2008 never happened, as if our ominous new fiscal reality had never occurred.

    At the moment when history demanded one thing of Mr. Obama, he did another.


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