Crash the tea party founder snatched out of the closet.

The Examiner Reports the following:

'Crash the Tea Party' founder outwitted by foes 

The formerly anonymous creator of crashtheteaparty.org has been publicly outed just days before thousands of Tax Day Tea Party rallies will be taking place nationwide.

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Jason Levin, a thirty-something techie from Portland, Oregon, was first outed by the conservative website FreeRepublic.com on Saturday, April 10th. A long time Free Republic blogger blew Levin's cover with a simple domain name "Who's Who" look up. Its obvious the self described "Star Trekkie/ Guido /Renaissance Man" probably didn't realize when he registered his website crashtheteaparty.org under the name Ben Franklin from Pennsylvania; a savvier computer tech would be able to find his true identity in just a few clicks.  

Besides photos, the FR blogger "icwhatudo" was able to reveal Levin's address, phone and email; work and education history; Twitter and Linkedin account; and even pulled this personal and slimy quote from Levin's MySpace page. 

"As a black lesbian trapped in the body of a straight white man, I am able to pass as a member of the establishment wile still maintaining my oneness with the spirit of the Earf Muvah. I’m currently being sued by my inner child for molestation...but trust me, the charges are baseless."
It's always nice to pull back the facade of anonymity and find a huge, grotesque cockroach lurking about. This guy is a detestable ball of slime. Not for his feeble attempts to marginalize and discredit the Tea Party but because he did so in such a cowardly fashion.

I can respect a moron who at least has the courage of their convictions; who has the cajones to argue in the spotlight. I have no respect for those who sling rocks from behind the bushes; there is no honor in that. This country was founded by honorable men and will likely be destroyed by cockroaches like this who lurk in the shadows.

I hope more conservatives take the time to ferret out these spineless weasels and throw their unscrupulous  asses into the full light of scrutiny.


  1. That is crazy - it is no surprise now that he is asking his followers to act like jack asses to try and tarnish a group of proud American patriots who have a right to protest.

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