Allen West for Florida's 22nd Congressional District.

Rather than sit idly by until the November elections I have decided to seek out and profile strong conservative candidates from around the country.

I have started in Florida because that is my home state. I would encourage my readers to send me information on conservative candidates running for national office in their areas as well so that we can help get them elected. You can reach me at The Silent Majority.

It is not possible for me to profile every conservative running but I will post as many as I can in the time we have left before the November mid-term elections.

The list so Far:

Marco Rubio - U.S. Senate, Florida;

Allen West - U.S. Congress, Florida's 22nd District

Allen West articulates traditional conservative values and has a distinguished military service record. West seems to understand the role of a limited government and the benefit of lessening the tax burden on individuals to spur economic growth. The following are excerpts from West's campaign website. For the complete list click HERE.


There can be no doubt that we face an incredible economic crisis in the United States. However the solutions to this crisis are clearly evident but it takes members of our Congress who are committed to unleashing the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of Americans, not economic slaves.

Our federal government created this crisis by first developing an entitlement mentality in our housing market, sub-prime mortgages. The Congress then exacerbated the issue with a lack of oversight that is criminal in nature. They now perpetuate the problem with inept foolish plans called “stimulus”, all the while continuing the wasteful system of earmarks, “pork barrel” spending.

To stimulate our economy we must realize that Keynesian tax and spend economic theory does not work. The public sector shall never grow the economy, that comes from the private sector. When I hear our new President speak of building an economy from the bottom up, well, you just have to cringe.

We should begin to redefine our tax code, no more progressive tax system; we need to go to a flat tax system. Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes; a rate of around 15-17% would be adequate. A twist I recommend is to have a flat tax up to an income level of $2 Million, then institute a progressive system. My intent is to inspire Americans to earn and develop their wealth.

Health Care

Our health care system needs reforms. We must make our system more affordable and accessible to all Americans. These reforms can be instituted within the classic conservative principles of limited government, liberty, individual responsibility and accountability, and free market solutions.

A true Conservative believes in the individual and setting the conditions for their success. I offer that the post-modern liberal approach feels the “collective” is more important than the individual. Our US Constitution plainly states that the preeminent purpose for Government is to protect the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness of the citizen, we the Americans.

 Those in Congress should listen to these citizens in drafting health care legislation.

I served in the military for 22 years and traveled to 13 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I can assure you we have one of the best health care systems in the world.

Illegal Immigration and Amnesty

If there is one issue that has far reaching effects upon our American way of life, yet no one addresses, it is illegal immigration. Neither Presidential candidate mentioned this subject in a manner favorable to the safety and security of our Republic during the 2008 campaign. Instead they pandered to radical groups like La Raza seeking the Hispanic vote, this is shameful and unacceptable.

If groups like La Raza, and those are supporting it, place furthering the illegal immigrant agenda over that of America I consider them seditious and treasonous.

This is not about “undocumented workers”; it is about the federal government protecting American citizens. And I do not trust new Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano to meet that standard.

Illegal immigration adversely affects our economy, jobs, national security, crime levels, education, and healthcare. One could make the case that it is singularly the most devastating issue for America. Yet our elected officials say and do nothing to rectify the situation.

National Defense

If there is one definitive mandate for our federal government it is found in the US Constitution, “provide for the common defense”. It is the primary mission of our government at the National level to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Old English law termed the last piece, property; I consider it part of the American way of life.

I served in our Nation’s Army for 22 years active duty service and in three combat zones. I can attest that this is the vilest and most determined enemy we have seen in our Republic’s existence. We face a radical Islamic ideology that is uncompromising and intolerant in prosecuting its objectives, totalitarian and imperialistic global domination. This is manifested in Islamic terrorist organizations funded and maintained by state sponsors who are enacting proxy war worldwide.

If you do not believe me, then listen to them.

Troop Support

Ensure troop funding must NEVER be used to resolve internal partisan disputes as long as American soldiers are deployed in a war zone.
Provide health care funding for any deployed soldier serving or injured in the line of duty as a fully funded annual budget line item.
VA mortgage funding should include a credit equal to a 10% down payment for a first home purchase.
Second Amendment

An armed and informed law-abiding citizenry is the best defense against an unjust government and the criminal element created by irresponsible societal benevolence and activist judges.

About 62 years ago, the world came together and established something that was very long overdue, the State of Israel. When one considers the travails of the Jewish people since the 7th century, it should bring shame upon the face of the world. These persecutions began with them being forced out of the Saudi peninsula and the Levant by muhammad and his successors. The horrors of the inquisition in Spain among other wrongs brought upon the Jews in early Europe followed. When we failed to learn from that lesson, the world would witness the supreme horror of the Holocaust in Europe. Finally, we learned the lesson. We made a commitment and established a Jewish homeland, fully recognized.

Now we face the resurrection of the original enemy of the Jewish people, a resurgent islamic fundamentalism evidencing itself in totalitarian, imperialist design. This time it has morphed itself using 21st century technologies, yet still retaining a 7th century mentality, utilizing terrorism internationally to promote its perverse aims. One of those objectives is the destruction of the State the world agreed to support when creating, Israel.

In keeping with previous traditions established by muhammad, the modern islamic warriors promote taqiyya, lying to promote islam. They also, just as muhammad, use the Treaty of Hudaybiyya as a model to delay and deceive their enemies until they are ready to strike. Under Yasser Arafat some 200 agreements were never honored.

Why would we trust any word coming from the mouth of the psychopathic delusional leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? The mad mullahs, insane imams, and combative clerics are again calling for the supremacy of islam, no different from earlier centuries.

I do not support any creation of a Palestinian state, to do so would be to create a terrorist state. There is already a state for the Arabic people residing in the region called Palestine, Jordan. If the Arabs can build an indoor ski slope in Dubai, they can resolve the issue of their Arab brothers and sisters. Instead, they use them as pawns in an international game of extortion and use the subsidies provided not for humanitarian gain but for more weapons, for jihad.

I do not support any division of Jerusalem. If I recall from history and the Old Testament, David, Son of Israel built Jerusalem and his son Solomon made it great. The muslim claims to Jerusalem are based upon a very contentious story concocted by muhammad, and of course the latter conquering of the city, even by Salahaddin. One flag will fly over Jerusalem, the Israeli flag, never any other, certainly not a UN flag.


Human life is sacred, and I make no distinction between the born and unborn. We, as a compassionate and morally principled American people, need to convey to everyone that life is precious. There are pro-abortion groups that advocate abortion at all costs, even at the expense of the mother. These groups promote abortion as a means of birth control and have developed a multi-million dollar industry out of this culture of death. This is simply unacceptable. And, partial birth abortion is nothing short of an abomination.

I support stem cell research using amniotic fluid and skin cells. These stem cells are providing promising research. But, as a civilized society, we should not cavalierly destroy, nor farm, human life. This is why I oppose the creation and destruction of human embryos for the purpose of research.

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