Alan Grayson must go; Florida Deserves better.

The search for conservative candidates goes on. The next stop on this cross country electorial voyage leads us to Florida's 8th Congressional District.

Florida's 8th seat is currently occupied by the bombastic, and more than a little grandiose, Alan Grayson. You may remember Grayson as the one who claimed the Republican health care plan amounted to Americans dying quickly. Now he is off attacking doctors who indulge in free speech; I digress.

In any case the Republican side of the field is a bit crowded with Kurt Kelly, Todd Long, Patricia Sullivan, Prince Brown, William Collins IV, Peg Dunmire, Dan Fanelli, Guy Kerr, Ken Miller, Terrence Tysall, Barry Watson, and Bruce O'Donoghue (in no particular order) all vying for the Republican nomination.

Voters in Florida's 8th District have their work cut out for them. I have visited the sites of those candidates who have one and have found their stances on the issues similar. Voters in the 8th have the advantage of being more familiar with the candidates and thereby more informed on the issues particular to the area.

Based on what I have read I like Todd Long for the job. I am particularly interested in his idea of a "fair tax". I will profile his stances on the issues in this post. If anyone close to the fray has a different candidate I would be willing to entertain the discussion. Please visit the candidates sites. I have linked them above.

Regardless of which Republican wins the nomination one thing is certain; we must remove Alan Grayson.

I would encourage my readers to send me information on conservative candidates running for national office in their areas as well so that we can help get them elected. You can reach me at The Silent Majority.

It is not possible for me to profile every conservative running but I will post as many as I can in the time we have left before the November mid-term elections.

The list so far:
Marco Rubio - U.S. Senate, Florida;
Allen West - U.S. Congress, Florida's 22nd District
Dr. Donna Campbell - U.S. Congres, Texas 25th District
Todd Long - U.S. Congress, Florida's 8th District

Balanced Budgets and States’ Rights

The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the people and the government that greatly limits the federal government’s power. Tragically, a self-serving, power hungry Congress filled with career politicians, has engaged in hundreds of billions in unconstitutional spending for earmarks for local causes, bailouts of financial institutions and states, and set up numerous departments not authorized by our Constitution. Congress’ abuse of its constitutional authority has bankrupted the nation. Morover, Congress has stolen our social security funds leaving us with a stack of IOU’s and a collapsing social security system and mismanaged and bankrupted Medicare and Medicaid.

The Fair Tax

fair tax
I am an ardent supporter of The Fair Tax (H.R.25) and have been fighting for a complete overhaul of our disastrous tax code for years. The Fair Tax proposes the elimination of all federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes for Medicare and Social Security, capital-gains taxes, corporate taxes, self-employment taxes, gift taxes and estate taxes and replaces them with a 23 cents national sales tax.
The advantages are obvious:

Illegal immigrants and the underground economy will now be contributing to paying the nation’s bills.

Health care

healthcare pic
Before analyzing serious solutions to make health care affordable, it is critical to look at the facts: Without any reform, health-care costs are expected to double to $4.3 trillion by 2017, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. Moreover, tens of millions of Americans are without health insurance. We can all agree that significant reform is necessary to bring down costs.
Why are health-care costs so high? Excessive regulations have destroyed virtually all competition in the insurance industry; and, under the present system, consumers do not care about the cost of their health-care services, since the government or insurance companies absorb the costs. These two facts guarantee out-of-control prices for health insurance.

Pro-Life, Pro-Family, and School Choice

prolifeI support protecting the traditional family as the fabric of our great nation. We cannot have a strong nation without strong families. We now have 40% of our children being born to unwed mothers, many of whom are teenagers. The decline of the traditional family is primarily responsible for the problems we have with abortion, crime, lack of education, and excessive spending as we create a welfare, government society instead of the free, self reliant, God dependent, prosperous nation given to us by our Founders.

Border Security and Ending Illegal Immigration

“The execution of the laws is more important than the making of them.” Thomas Jefferson
This truth is nowhere more evident than in our broken immigration system. One of the fundamental responsibilities of our federal government is to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws to protect our citizens, secure their economic well being and make sure we are a nation that respects the rule of law. Sadly 12 to 20 or more illegal immigrants reside in the nation many delivering “anchor babies” destroying the fabric of the nation and creating an unaffordable economic burden on us citizens, while greatly increasing gang, drug and criminal activity. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates the cost to the U.S. taxpayers of the illegal population is $36 billion annually for just primary and secondary education, medical care in emergency rooms and incarceration.

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  1. You forgot to mention businessman Ross Beiling. He just annouonced the other day. I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Beiling and I was very impressed by his common sense business approach to running the government. After speaking to him he will have my vote!


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