What the hell is wrong with MSNBC?

What the hell is wrong with MSNBC? They seem to have an uncanny ability to recruit radical leftist nut jobs as hosts. Dylan Ratigan does more to promote the tea party movement in one segment than all of its organizers.

Decrying tea party members as Nazis and racists without ever alowing his guest to respond. I have to give props to Mark Williams. He managed to come off cool and collective. I would have been trying to reach through the camera and choke out Ratigan.

A responsse from Mark Williams on his blog.

From Mark's Blog:
The part I loved the most was that the host – a nobody named Dylan RATigan had his producer call he at 6:30 this morning to be on the show at 1:00 PM my time. After I walked off the air (or was thrown, leftie blogs say I was thrown, I thought I walked but then again I cannot see the program when I am on, all I see is a camera lens pointed at me) he went into a rant about how I “used” him and his show LOL!

As Holly, Casey the Pound Spaniel and I were leaving the studio my cell phone rang. It was old friend Martha Zoller who had just wrapped being on the segment right after mine. She was howling with laughter as she pointed out that her Southern Belle charm comes in so handy following me in that kind of a situation :)

Here is the video as posted by Michelle Malkin (she and her readers have some to say about what went down on TV today – click here for that:

Links to other blogs are below the video. Enjoy! Oh, and click on the “comments” section at the bottom of this post, did I walk or was I thrown?

Let's all write this ignorant lame stream media creep and let him know how we feel about his message and that we do not embrace any racists or wing-nuts period including HIM!
His show email form:


  1. Well at least he came off as a nut job himself, but you wonder how he got past the job interview.

  2. I would have been trying to reach through the camera and choke out Ratigan.


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