Today Everything Changes in America

Today Everything Changes in America
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


America, as we knew it, ceases to exist today (Sunday, March 21st, 2010). You may think that is an overly broad statement, a statement that just isn’t so. But, I would assure you it is, if anything, an understatement!

Today the socialists in the US House of Representatives will pass (or by the time you read this tome will have passed) National Healthcare Reform – that which we have chosen to refer to as ObamaCare. It will forever have HIS name on it as well it should, because it was his campaign to “fundamentally change America” and his use of the ignorance of most publicly educated Americans that brought us to this reintroduction of slavery in America. Yes, ObamaCare, by any other name, would still be slavery. Why? Because it is pure, flat-out, socialism, and socialism is the enslavement of a people until communism takes over a nation’s government.

I may have loss one of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life as a result of our own debate over ObamaCare and socialism in America today. His belief in a strong central government and my belief that a strong central government is pure evil, and my persistent belief in “state’s rights” as granted by the US constitution, drove us to a heated debate. Later, I reminded myself that for the socialists in our government today they NEED Americans at each other’s throats.

You know, ObamaCare is scary enough all by itself. But when one understands that it is only the BEGINNING, only the very first step in total control of the lives of Americans, in is not only frightening, it is terrifying. Freedom loving Americans must, somehow, stop this socialism.

Freedom loving Americans must begin the campaign to repeal ObamaCare right now, today. Actually, I have already begun my personal campaign to have the “law from hell” repealed. I urge you to do the same.

I was thrilled to see the crowds of Americans in Washington yesterday demonstrating against socialized medicine. It was a great event for the Tea Party. I thought as I watched on TV that we have to bring this same level of energy toward defeating as many of the socialist and RINO’s in Congress as we possibly can this coming November in the Mid-Term Election. America will need a fresh start and she cannot get it if the incumbents remain in power in our national legislature. What is even more important -- we won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of repealing ObamaCare if we do not remove the incumbents and replace them with representatives and senators sworn to support repeal of ObamaCare.

Repealing ObamaCare will certainly not be easy. Some fellow commentators are questioning the fortitude of the GOP members of Congress when the chips are down and the battle rages for repeal. I must tell you, I have the same concerns. Remember, even if we manage to gain control of both houses of the Congress this November, Obama will STILL be in the White House and he will most certainly VETO any bill that repeals ObamaCare should it ever reach his desk. Yes, repeal will be an uphill battle – all the way.

Repeal of ObamaCare will be one of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken by the American people. For once a government program wraps its tentacles around the freedoms and, yes the wallets, of the American people it is near impossible to loosen them enough to forcibly extract them and return America to its free state.

We have a most difficult job ahead of us. It begins now, today. We absolutely must see that the democrats are defeated at the polls in the Mid Tern Election this coming November. Between now and then we have to locate and encourage candidates who believe in freedom for Americans and candidates who hate socialism to run for the offices up for election. And, somehow, we must only elect that candidate who will not fold when the going gets rough in Congress.

Bipartisanship be damned. It was bipartisanship that got us to this point in American history where the country has adopted socialism. In order to repeal ObamaCare and return America to its “constitutional republic” form of government, we cannot afford to elect a single limp-wristed, weak-spined, candidate. We will be engaging in a war in our national legislative body and we will need WARRIORS!

I urge you to begin your personal efforts today to Repeal ObamaCare.

J. D. Longstreet


  1. I weep for our country.

  2. The problem with Obamacare is this. As mentioned in a previous silent majority post:

    it is the state governments who have the power to regulate and lay taxes for healthcare, not the Oval Office and Congress. So our useless state legislatures are at fault for not stopping corrupt Congress from usurping state powers concerning Obamacare.

    The bottom line is that while Constitution-ignoring lawmakers need to be kicked out of DC in November, it is just as important to kick out state lawmakers who are not protecting citizens from constitutionally unauthorized federal legislation, and the illegal federal taxes that come with legislation, such as Obamacare.

    In fact, Constitution-savvy lawmakers in several states are already working on legislation which would prohibit constitutionally unauthorized federal taxes from leaving their states. (Did you hear that bankrupt California?)

    ResistDC: The Federal Tax Funds Act

  3. Great work here, keep up the good fight as we have much more fighting to do against these Tyrants in our Government! The cockroaches will be squashed but not soon enough! You have been linked - Conservative Bloggers are Fighting for every Americans Freedom -

  4. It doesn't seem to me that the Obama administration really has this health care bill tackled and planned to the bone, but it is obvious to me that something needs to be done in this country about health care. It cannot be that the most advanced, wealthiest country in the world cannot find a way to provide minimal health care insurance to its citizens. Western countries around the world have figured it out - the fact that we can't seems strange. It may be a struggle though in these times to be taxing small businesses with this extra amount of money that they have to come up for their employees. Small businesses are already going through difficult times barely scraping by, as banks continue to tighten their lending on these businesses who almost solely rely on bank loan funding.

  5. president obama really phenomenal
    as the first black persiden in amerika
    prove that the equality in that nation that deserves diacungu thumb
    obama, the world waited for a change. toward peace, and togetherness

  6. I really liked the leadership obama. yes,I am sure peace will be created if we have the same mission to get to a better life.


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