New York Banning salt? WTF?

New York Banning salt? WTF?

This story could not come at a better time to illustrate the flaws inherent with a government run health care program. Set aside, for the moment, all of the arguments related to efficiency and costs and focus on the real consequences; the government can dictate how you lead your life.

With the government holding the purse strings to your health care dollars it is not unreasonable to assume that they will try to convince people to lead a healthier life style. That may seem a noble and worthwhile goal but you have to ask yourself what is a healthy life style? Who determines what is or is not healthy and what penalties will be associated with violating that mandate?

The arguments against a government takeover of health care are numerous and each has long reaching implications. For a taste of life under the food Nazis all we have to do is look to our liberal neighbors in New York.

From the New York State Assembly website comes this rather interesting tidbit:

Felix Ortiz

Assemblyman Ortiz Pushing to Reduce Salt Intake
January 26, 2010

Albany – Today, Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz (Brooklyn-51 AD) announced that he is introducing legislation that would prohibit restaurants and food establishments from using salt when preparing food for consumers. New York City Mayor Bloomberg is advocating for a similar initiative that reduces the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant foods by 25 percent over the next five years. Ortiz believes that, by putting the control of the sodium intake amount into the customer’s hands, it would give them an option to exercise a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle.

A report issued by the World Health Organization indicated that three quarters or more of the sodium intake in the U.S. comes from processed or restaurant foods. Another study by the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that lowering the amount of salt people eat, even by a small amount, could reduce cases of heart disease, stroke and heart attacks as much as reductions in smoking, obesity and cholesterol levels. Scientists in that study claim that everyone would benefit from less salt, but people at higher risk for heart problems, i.e. people with hypertension or people over 65, would benefit the most. The study also stated that: “If everyone consumed half a teaspoon less salt per day, there would be between 54,000 and 99,000 fewer heart attacks each year and between 44,000 and 92,000 fewer deaths.”

Ortiz is the author of several pieces of legislation (A.5520-A, A.6620, A.8711, A.9145, and A.9176) that are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and fighting obesity in New York State. Recognizing the harmful effect that high sodium intake has on our public’s health; he strongly believes that restaurants should cease the use of salt while cooking. “These numbers speak for themselves – it is imperative that we respond NOW – for the sake of the health and future of our citizens”, said Ortiz.

The future of New York is looking rather bland under liberal leadership. I vote we let people eat what they want and pay for the consequences out of their own pocket. That is what freedom is about. You have the right to choose a healthy life style or to reject it. You have the responsibility to pay for your own indiscretions. That's what makes America great.


  1. Oh my god, having to put my own salt on my food?!?! Madness!!

  2. "Ortiz believes that, by putting the control of the sodium intake amount into the customer’s hands, it would give them an option to exercise a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle."

    "That is what freedom is about. You have the right to choose a healthy life style or to reject it."

    And this would be giving us a choice, right? If salt is already on the food, where's your choice? There isn't one. I think it's funny how you're trying to attack this when you clearly support it. Or maybe you just didn't read it before posting?

    Wait, all makes sense now, you're a conservative. Of course you have no idea what you want/are talking about :]

  3. "Be respectful or be deleted. Your choice." I hope that doesn't mean you simply delete comments you disagree with ("I disagree strongly with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Voltaire). Anyways:

    The two commentators above are totally correct. The lack of comprehension of the issue shown by the author of this post is absolutely staggering.

    "Those meddling liberals forcing US to decide how much salt there is in our food? KEEP YER FINGERS OFF OF MY FRIES, BIG GOVERNMENT!"

    And the sad part is, this is one of those few conservatives that can actually spell. Imagine how much worse it gets.

  4. To be true its not more than making a story of nothing, this wasn't that big issue as much as the media has made it.

  5. First the admonition to be respectful or be deleted is just that. It has nothing to do with a dissenting opinion and is more directed to ad hominem attacks.

    Second it is not a choice when the government mandates it. You see it has nothing to do with choice it is about controlling the habits of people that are deemed unhealthy. It starts with Chefs and then it is required of everyone. Think along the lines of "sin taxes". If you smoke or drink you are taxed for that habit. They are talking of taxing soft drinks as well. This is not an isolated incident it is an attack on freedoms.

    As far as being the only conservative that can spell... you are demonstrating your obvious ignorance. At least Freda didn't hide behind "anonymous" while casting dispersions.

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    All these issues are important, and that's why I just started blogging a while ago and it feels great.


  7. This is ridiculous! Restaurants should reserve the right to their own recipes.

    Most recipes utilize salt in the actual preparation of the dish. For instance, steaks are salted to extract water from the surface...chicken is salted to assist in browning...water is salted for pasta to prevent it from tasting bland (which cannot be corrected by salting the pasta afterwards).

    If the food at the restaurant is too salty for you, don't go to that restaurant. It's really that simple, and you don't need a "law" to make that decision for you.

    This is just another clear example of the government getting into everyone's business. What's next, a tax on obesity FOR YOUR OWN GOOD? Sounds fascist.

  8. What about bread? How do you make a fresh loaf of bread without salt? IMPOSSIBLE! And are they going to require restaurants to use only unsalted butter in the kitchen? Or will the food nazi's decide that restaurants can only use yogurt-based margarine? What about pretzels? You can't salt a pretzel AFTER it's been cooked!

  9. If this bill passed, then New York could never serve pizza.

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Be respectful or be deleted. Your choice.