The New Amnesty Bill

The NEW Amnesty BillAmnesty For Illegal Aliens On The Way Back To Congress‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Bill That Includes Amnesty.
‘Pathway to Citizenship’ for Illegal Aliens.
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The Obama Regime has tapped Senators Charles Shumer D-NY and Lindsey Graham R-SC to create a Comprehensive Immigration Bill. The bill was supposed to have been introduced and passed into law during Obama’s first year in office. But a little thing called “ObamaCare” and “ObamaCare 2.0” got in the way. Not to mention, a recession and, lest we forget -- the near total collapse of the American economic system. So, immigration was pushed back aways.
Well, this week, the President will be meeting with Shumer and Graham for a progress report on the immigration bill they have been formulating.
I think we all are aware of what “revised” means to the Obama Regime. Think ObamaCare and ObamaCare 2.0. The latter was supposed to be the revised bill. It was, in fact, the original bill with a couple, or three, Republican suggestions thrown in to make it more palatable to the G OP and the American people. But, as nobody has actually seen a hard copy of the bill, doubt remains that ObamaCare 2.0 even exists.
Now we are to be presented with a “revised” version of The Amnesty Bill dating all the way back to the Bush Administration. Oh, it will be called something other than “The Amnesty Bill.” In fact, they are already referring to it as “The Comprehensive Immigration Bill.” But you and I know it is the same bill, the one we referred to as The Amnesty Bill.
Once again we will be called upon to rally and throw as many roadblocks as we can into the path of The NEW Amnesty Bill before the Obama forces can push the monstrosity through the Congress.
Many months ago Obama answered a reporter’s question concerning so-called “immigration reform” which, translated, means: “Amnesty” for illegal aliens hiding in the US today. Here’s what the President said: “Now, am I going to be able to snap my fingers and get this done? No,” said Obama. “This is going to be difficult; it's going to require bipartisan cooperation. There are going to be demagogues out there who try to suggest that any form of pathway for legalization for those who are already in the United States is unacceptable. And those are fights that I'd have to have if my poll numbers are at 70 or if my poll numbers are at 40. That's just the nature of the U.S. immigration debate. But ultimately, I think the American people want fairness," Obama continued. “And we can create a system in which you have strong border security, we have an orderly process for people to come in, but we're also giving an opportunity for those who are already in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so that they don't have to live in the shadows, and their children and their grandchildren can have a full participation in the United States. So I'm confident we can get it done.” That, dear reader, is the President of the US speaking.
I shouldn’t have to ask this question, but it seems I must. Have you stopped to consider how many millions more will pile onto “the dole” US taxpayers will have to support if this NEW amnesty bill passes? 12 million is a drop in the bucket to the REAL figure, which you are NOT going to hear bandied about by this administration, nor the democrat/progressive/socialists in the Congress.
Just as we believe the REAL unemployment figure is closer to 20% than it is to the 9.7% being reported by the government, and the number of jobs lost last month, we believe, is closer to 50,000 than it is to the 36,000 the government reported, we believe the real figure representing illegal aliens in America today is closer to 36 million than to the 12 million, or so, the government has been reporting.

Obama and the democrats/progressives/socialists must REALLY think the average American is an idiot! Why, they are so disconnected from the reality in America today that they have no idea the odor they get a whiff of every now and again is the tar and feathers being prepared in their honor!

A few of the Congressmen and Senators attending some of the town hall meetings have felt the heat. But not enough - not nearly enough, to put the fear of God into them! A few of our nation’s legislators have seen the handwriting on the wall and have already headed for the exits. They are not waiting for the political blood bath that awaits the Democratic Party this coming November AND the Republican Party, as well, if they do not shape up and listen to what their constituents are asking -- no -- demanding they do on ObamaCare AND on The New Amnesty Bill.
Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, is in very hot water at home and his chances of surviving a challenge in November are certainly not assured. Graham has buddied around with Senator John McCain far too often and the folks at home are not happy about it – at all! He will be in even hotter water if he even hints at amnesty in the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Bill he and Senator Charles Shumer, of New York, are currently formulating.

It is incredible that Washington seems unable to sense the anger of the average US citizen toward relaxation of the immigration laws, especially toward the Hispanics who are flooding our country and straining our healthcare services, our educational services, and our welfare services to the breaking point? How can Congress and the President not know this? How?

Common sense dictates that they MUST know this. So, why the continued refusal to secure our southern border? Why not return those illegal aliens to Mexico or their country of origin? Instead, the US government is pushing for a law to make those who are already here illegally… legal? You have to wonder if they are nuts!

No, they are not nuts. As we have learned, they just don’t care what you and I think, or want, or NOT want, as the case may be. We don’t count with the current government. They are far smarter than we. They know far better than we what is good for us.There is very little fear of our dissenting votes in Washington, anymore.
The progressive/socialists have managed to secure the votes of the less literate among us in such large numbers as to override our dissenting votes. We warned, months ago, that the progressive/socialists had dispatched armies of “helpers/organizers” into the field to register “new” voters from among those whose livelihood depends on the government check they receive the first of each month. And it worked in 2008.
Finally, consider this: When you add to those legions the millions of illegal aliens who will be voting for the progressive/socialists -- as soon as the Obama Regime pronounces them “legal,” – one can readily see that you and I will be overruled at the ballot box in perpetuity.
If The New Amnesty Bill is passed we will truly lose what little bit of America we currently have left… forever.

J. D. Longstreet


  1. Politicians have a habit of bypassing the law that is firmly in-place, if its not beneficial to those who insure their large campaign contributions or some other method of secret payment. Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) is obviously trying to uproot E-Verify with yet another program called NEVA. We must not get distracted by some other illegal alien enforcement, as in the future it to will be impaired by another program and another. Then--NOTHING--gets done. Homeland Security and ICE should work with what has progressed and that is E-verify. Critics are brought and paid for, by the opponents of any enforcement project. Likewise an example will be pharmaceutical companies who pay specialists to offer astounding testament of some wonderful drug, only to find later its has terrible side effects. Everything has its price specially in this capitalist society, where the ordinary working man and womens interests come last. That's why states like California that refuses to immunize itself against the invasion and need budgetary stewards like Steve Poizner, as a new governor who promises to fight back against supporting illegal alien families public entitlements On the other hand the Catholic church for dubious reasons, expects Americans to welcome penniless aliens with open arms.

    You only have to look at the wilting Health Care reform? Bombarded as we are by negative advertising. France, a socialist republic has a wonderful health care system and relatives of mine who live there will heartily agree of it great benefits. In America GIANT INSURANCE COMPANIES, AND WALL STREET ARE KING. Anybody can be brought in many cases, just as companies who have been intimidated or the psychological approach of imprinting regular people with some form of indoctrinations. Far as many bloggers are concerned, hundreds of rural and independent newspapers acknowledge E-Verify works? WE THE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST NOT LET THE CRITICS OR THE WIDE OPEN BORDER ORGANIZATIONS, TRY TO ADJUST YOUR OPINION OF E-VERIFY. SOON DOCUMENT FRAUD WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT E-VERIFY IS GOING TO REMAIN IN STASIS? MANY NEW TOOLS ARE GOING TO BE ADDED AND ILLEGAL WORKERS WILL BE REMOVED BY ATTRITION.

    A comment from a business human resources states:

    "I have used E-Verify for several years, and only once have I encountered this event, and it was quickly resolved due to the person whose identity was stolen stepping forward to correct earnings report errors. E-Verify works better than any other mechanism available. Opponents are still striving to discredit its value and accuracy. For identity theft to get past E-Verify, it has to involve a complete theft. (Name, DOB and SSN) Just getting a name and SSN will not suffice. I would gladly welcome a requirement for photo match,(which is being introduced shortly) which already happens for non-citizens using an immigration card or passport as their submitted documents. As an employer, if E-Verify has no other value, it provides the presumption of not "knowingly" employing an illegal, which is a priceless protection for employers."

  2. Illegal immigration is--EVERY AMERICAN WORKERS--responsibility and we should keep up a repetitious bombardment on every state and federal Senator and Representative at 202-224-3121 to enforce every law. IT IS OUR DUTY TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY AT YOUR WORK PLACE OR ANYTHING YOU SEE AND HEAR. 15 million US citizens and legal residents are jobless, with low income workers mainly at risk. The Internet is convinced their are 8 million illegal workers who have taken the the jobs of the legitimate workforce. EVEN SO THESE PEOPLE BROKE THE LAW AND ITS OUR OBLIGATION AND RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM.Other statistics indicate Washington is still importing a million plus semi-skilled workers yearly. YES! We need highly skilled scientists, engineers and scientists. Yes! To potential immigrants that will invest in a--REAL--business or inject at least $500.000 dollars. What we don't need is people in poverty as we have plenty of our own, who need welfare benefits.

    In addition Border patrol has chillingly estimated that only 1 in 10 illegal entrants gets caught at the border. THIS CONCLUSION OF 20 TO 30 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT FAMILIES HAVE SETTLED HERE AND IT IS AN ONGOING RISK TO OUR WELFARE ENTITLEMENT SYSTEM. We cannot afford to regress on E-Verify or any other enforcement program such as 287 (g) local police alien detainment, ICE raids and the REAL ID and SAVE ACT. We must also impose restrictions on this demented Birthright citizen law?

    Don't be sidetracked by Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen LINDSEY GRAHAM or Sen. John mcCain and other equally insistent on another Comprehensive Immigration reform. ITS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF UNDERHANDINGLY SANITIZING ANOTHER AMNESTY, WHERE AMERICANS WILL BE EVEN MORE EXPECTED TO SUPPORT UNCOUNTABLE NUMBERS OF NEWLY LEGITIMIZED IMMIGRANTS. It's almost unobtainable now with all states, but border states like Sanctuary California and even Texas and Arizona and even New York in a wretched financial positions pandering to illegal immigrants in hundreds of billions of dollars in welfare. E-Verify must be guaranteed to be improved, permanent and completely funded. Years of neglect by politicians has caused this terrible situation, with a poorly built border fence, easy movement of people who have overstayed US entry visas.

    Our nation is being invaded and colonized. As is our duty, We the People will resist.

    The cost to the American people WOULD BUY A COUNTRY, just as the Overpopulation growth we will inherit in 2040.. Read the truth about corruption and the illegal immigration occupation of our country at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH, IMMIGRATIONBUZZ, RIGHTSIDENEWS & DIRECTORBLUE. THEAMERICANRESISTANCE Copy and Paste No Copyright. Get the truth to THE PEOPLE! ONE FLAG, ONE LANGUAGE. LEARN WHO YOUR ENEMY IS IN WASHINGTON?

  3. The direction our country is heading in is truly disturbing. Those in power seek to dismantle everything that makes this country great... And no one seems to care.

  4. I think that it's to the point where people have almost given up control and don't care anymore like Lexy said.


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