Israel WILL Strike Iran ALONE -- If It Must!

Israel WILL Strike Iran ALONE -- If It Must!
A commentary by J. D. Longstreet


I have seen the “talking heads” on TV and I have read the reports by liberal, progressive, reporters and commentators in the US and from around the world assuring their readers and viewers that Israel will not attack Iran without the United States.

There is only one thing wrong with that view. It is ALL WRONG.

Unfortunately, they are judging Israel as if Israel was one of their countries or even the US. There is a HUGE difference between the country of Israel and the European countries and even the US (under its current leadership). That difference? Israel has GUTS!

The international mainstream media, in my opinion, is simply trying to convince Israel NOT TO ATTACK IRAN. They are trying to control events the way they would like them to unfold rather than the way they KNOW they are going to unfold.

Look, we have been telling you, for at least two years now, that when Israel is ready, and the time is right, Israel will mount an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And they will do it with, or without, America’s help and with, or without, America’s blessing.

Israel is fighting for its life, for its very existence. Israel’s leaders know that the Obama Regime is no friend to Israel -- at all. They get it! They understand that even though most Americans do not. Therefore, they do not trust the American president, or the military and intelligence services under Obama’s command. As a result, they are NOT sharing their full intelligence on Iran with the US for fear of its, somehow, making its way into the hands of Israel’s enemies. In my opinion, that is just good thinking.

Then there is the fact that the Israeli people live with death every single day. They no longer fear it as Americans and Europeans do. They understand they may be called upon, as individuals, to lay down their lives for their countrymen, at any moment, and they are prepared to do that, again, unlike many Americans and/or Europeans.

Israel also understands what it means to be a free nation, a free people, and they understand that freedom is not free and it requires nourishment from time to time with the blood of Israeli patriots.

The Israelis understand that it is much better to die on their feet fighting, like men, than to live on their knees as slaves to some Islamic fanatic.

Yes, Israel’s back is to the wall. They will fight. They will attack Iran with everything they have, including nukes, if they feel it is necessary, and nothing the Obama Regime can say, or do, will stop them.

Poor Israel -- out there all by herself. Just Israel … and … God.

J. D. Longstreet


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  2. I am ashamed to think that America would let Israel stand alone on this. They are fighting for the right to exist and they need our help. The former president would have helped them!

  3. The blog has really helped me think from another perspective as well and have given me a wider view of the entire scenario.

  4. for at least two years now, that when Israel is ready, and the time is right, Israel will mount an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And they will do it with, or without, America’s help and with, or without, America’s blessing.

  5. “Dialogues in public Policy and the media”

    March 17, 2010 by

    “Dialogues in public policy and the media”

    I had the opportunity to listen to “ Dialogues in public policy and the media”, hosted by Bob Schieffer, which was held at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, on March 16, 2010.

    The topic of the discussion was, “An assessment of the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy”, with panelists: Steve Coll, Thomas L. Friedman and David Ignatius. I must say, with such high caliber moderator and panel, the program was very informative and highly educational. Had there been a Q and A session, the program would have been even better.

    Some highlights:

    On Israeli-Palestinian Issues.

    The panel seemed to have a positive outlook towards the “Fayyad Plan”. (Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad). His plan is to have a functioning government with institutions such as a central bank, schools, hospitals, a police force, etc. By mid-2011, his goal is to end the Israeli occupation and establish a Palestinian State. Prime Minister Fayyad believes that Israel would have no choice but recognize a well functioning Palestinian State. Failure to do so would result in a heavy pressure of international opinion on Israel to withdraw from territories it still occupies.

    Mr. Friedman appreciated Fayyad’s policy of “let’s build institutions and then declare a State”. He said, “Israel and the U.S. should support Fayyad”. He also believes that, Hamas and Hezbollah are engaged in asymmetric warfare with Israel to destroy the international stature of Israel by turning world public opinion against it.

    In terms of U.S. policy makers, Mr. Friedman called them “The weakest Mid-East policy makers I have ever seen”.

    On Iran.

    Mr. Schieffer, “do you think we can live with a nuclear Iran”?

    Mr.Friedman, “Nobody wants Iran to weaponize, but no one seems ready to use force to stop Iran”.

    Instead of an attack by Israel, on Iranian nuclear facilities, Mr. Friedman believes it is more likely that “an accident” inside Iranian nuclear facilities are more possible. Especially, with the rise of opposition forces inside Iran. He added, “The Israeli Defense forces have a very sober view of any attack against Iran”.

    Mr. Ignatius said, “The U.S. has repeatedly told the Israelis not to take any action against Iran”. The U.S has made it clear, that “it is contrary to our interests”. He also stated, “While he had seen the strength of Iranian influence in Iraq, Egypt and other places, last year, that influence seems to have dwindled after the recent Iranian national elections”.

    On Afghanistan.

    Mr. Coll supported President Obama’s policy of” trying to make Afghanistan more stronger before exiting”. He said, the critical elements are:

    * “To build Afghan security forces”,
    * “To change the balance of forces within Afghanistan”, and,
    * “To influence Pakistan, in terms of change in strategic thinking”.

    The two most striking thoughts to ponder.

    The Saudis, to visiting Secretary of Defense, “What are you and the Israelis waiting for”? (Iran)

    “What if, if we haven’t seen anything yet”. (commenting on the continuous Chinese economic power) T.F.

    The most poignant Q and A.

    “What is the biggest threat in the world for U.S. interest”? Mr. Schieffer.

    “Our economic erosion in the U.S. Our political system is in peril”. Mr. Friedman.

    Thank you, the CSIS.

    Professor Mekonen Haddis

  6. Fighting for the right to exist? What about Iran's right to exist? Oh yeah, I forgot, Arabs aren't "chosen" by a spiteful, violence-loving God are they? Send your own sons off to die if you feel that strongly about killing more arabs. Your bloodlust has obviously not been sated by the Gazan bloodbath, has it? War cheerleaders and apologists for aggresive war are spoiling this world for our children and our children's children. I hope your God is merciful as well as spiteful. You will need mercy when you come to be judged. Your deeds on earth have been devilish and cowardly.


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