Having insurance 'going to be like Christmas' unless your a taxpayer.

The following story sent chills down my spine. I guess its because I realize that there is really no Santa Clause and that presents have to be bought and paid for by real people. So who is footing the bill for this Christmas extravaganza? You guessed it; the American taxpayer.Playing the part of the bad Santa: Barack Obama with congress as the evil elves. I think I've seen this movie before.

Its become apparent that the current administration has no qualms about throwing parties and buying presents as along as the money comes from the endless stream provided by working Americans. They spend as if there is no bottom to the well that they are draining with aplomb.

The story shows the fallacy to the entire argument when it notes that there are free clinics to serve those wihtout healt care. Clearly these people are being treated either in the emergency rooms or free clinics around the United States. The argument that they are without health care is a lie; they are without health insurance. The difference may seem like a weak semantic argument but be assured it is the basis for one of the greatest redistributuions of wealth this coutnry has ever seen.

The question that plays on my mind like an out of tune fiddle is this: What comes next? Maybe a right to a car or the right to a job at tax payer expense. Hyperbole you think? We have already seen the right to food establised with food stamps; the right to a house is what caused the financial meltdown. So what new rights lurk in the shadows to be granted by the government at the expense of the governed?

The following story appeared Here:

Having insurance 'going to be like Christmas'
Health Care rally

Posted: 6:16 p.m. yesterday
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Durham, N.C. — Uninsured Triangle residents said Monday that they eagerly await the overhaul of the nation's health care system.

"It's just going to be like Christmas," said DeCarlo Flythe, who lost health coverage for his family when he was laid off almost three years ago. "It's going to be great. You know, no worries (about) the bills. We are going to go ahead and pay our co-pay and be alright."

Flythe, a diabetic, said he checked into buying a policy for his family, but he couldn't afford it. He recently landed another job, but the new benefits haven't kicked in yet.

"I worry day to day, honestly," he said. "I pray to make sure my child or my wife don't' get sick because, if they go to the hospital, we are looking at a couple of thousand (dollars in bills)."

Flythe was among the patients Monday at the Walltown Clinic, a joint program of Duke University and Lincoln Community Health Center that serves the low-income neighborhoods near Duke's campus. The clinic serves 3,000 to 4,000 patients a year – 80 percent don't have health insurance – and charges co-pays based on what patients can afford.

"People will come in and say, 'I suddenly don't have a job. I've lost my insurance. Can you help me?'" said Kaity Granda, a physician's assistant at the clinic.

Norman Rucker said he hasn't had health insurance in almost 10 years because his employers haven't offered it.

"I'm not a person who gets sick a lot, so I didn't think I'd need any medicine," said Rucker, who racked up about $100,000 in hospital bills over that period by going to the emergency room whenever he needed care. "I'm trying to pay them off. Collection agencies call me all the time."

Rucker's wife has insurance, but the couple couldn't afford to put him on the policy. Now, he's excited he may also have coverage because of health care reform.

"It'll make the world better. It'll make us all better, actually," he said.

* Reporter: Erin Hartness
* Photographer: Pete James
* Web Editor: Matthew Burns

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