Court Orders Father of Picketed Dead Soldier to Pay Court Costs for Westboro Baptist Church

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Albert Snyder, the father whose slain soldier son's (Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder) funeral was targeted by Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church picketers, has been ordered by the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to pay court costs for the WBC.

The Court of Appeals threw out Snyder's case last year after a lower court awarded him an $11 million judgment (which was later halved). The U.S. Supreme Court then agreed to take on the case.

The AP reports: "On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered that Snyder pay costs associated with the Fred Phelps' appeal...The funeral for Marine Lance Cpl. Snyder in Westminster was among many that have been picketed by members of the fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. Westboro pastor Fred Phelps and other members have used the funeral protests to spread their belief that U.S. deaths in the Iraq war are punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. One of the signs at Snyder's funeral combined the U.S. Marine Corps motto with a slur against gay men."

Snyder's case will be heard by SCOTUS this fall. A fund for him is set up here.

This is a miscarriage of justice. The man lost his son in defense of this country and his reward was a group of degenerate reprobates celebrating his son's death at the funeral. Seeking justice he filed suit and was again rewarded by being ordered to pay the legal fees for this group of morons. Justice is supposed to be blind not stupid. I would implore anyone with the means to donate to this cause. I rarely (read that as never) ask anyone to donate to anything but this is an exception.

To donate to the cause follow this LINK.


  1. What next I feel for his loss but sometimes we just need to back off and lower our means to feel bad about this War

  2. You can't let your emotions or feelings cloud your judgment when it comes to the law. Clearly these people had dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's before their protest and this man took them to court. No one likes the result but that's the law right? These are the things we must deal with living in a country that has freedom of speech as a fundamental right.


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