A call to revolution?

History is a cyclical thing. Those who study history understand that the outcome is not predicated upon the circumstances but dictated by the choices. When situations reoccur there are always clear and definable paths to choose from.Those who study history know which paths lead to destruction; which paths lead to prosperity.

The following quotes could have been pulled from today's headlines but are instead a reminder that we, as Americans, face the same choices today that we did over two hundred years ago.

The question is this: How will we respond? Will we shun the chains of oppressive taxation and an unresponsive government or will we submit to economic slavery?

We should draw our strength from those who faced the same untenable foe and overcame it. They laid the foundation for this country and set it in the blood of patriots. They fought the bloody revolution so that we may stage revolution through the ballot box and forgo the rifle.

George Washington gave voice to our concerns over two hundred years ago:

..while those from whom we have a right to seek protection are endeavoring by every piece of art and despotism to fix the shackles of slavery upon us.

I am convinced, as much as I am of existence, that there is no relief but in their distress; and I think, at least I hope, that there is public virtue enough left among us to deny ourselves everything but the bare necessaries of life to accomplish this end. This we have a right to do, and no power upon earth can compel us to do otherwise till they have first reduced us to the most abject state of slavery that ever was designed for mankind.

....I could wish, I own, that the dispute had been left for posterity to determine, but the crisis is arrived when we must assert our rights or submit to every imposition that can be heaped upon us, till custom and use makes us...tame and abject slaves.

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