Who Will Bankrupt Social Security?

The mainstream media wonders why their ratings suck and nobody buys their papers.

Will Baby Boomers bankrupt social security?” There is a whole article on this by Rob Reuteman. This is what passes for journalism these days? How is it that people, who are probably as intelligent the average person, can start with a flawed premise that a child could see through?

What’s wrong with this question? Well, for starters, it’s the government who administers the program, not the Baby Boomers. It’s not like the Baby Boomers all said, “lets take our cash early and screw everyone else who is under the naive notion that they will get money from social security”. It’s not like they have the ability to take money that the government doesn’t pay out. The government spent social security. The government has managed it poorly. The government is over 13 trillion in debt. And Rob Reuteman has the audacity to ask if a whole generation of Americans is responsible for this? If the Baby Boomers are responsible, it is only because they voted for the Elephants and Donkeys who did this.

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