Rahm Emanuel called Democrats "F**king R******d". So what?

I have to be honest here: I would rather piss on a spark plug than defend Rahm Emanuel but this political correctness crap is getting rather annoying. To make matters more complicated I find myself agreeing with his assertion.

There are other more substantial issues to attack Emanuel on than his utterance of a once commonly used word. People of his age, and of my age, grew up using the word retarded with reckless abandon. In fact I grew up using many words that are now deemed unacceptable. Words like crippled, retarded, fat, illegal immigrant, terrorist and even handicapped have found their way onto the list of verboten vernacular.

How far down the rabbit hole have we slipped when people are more offended by the fact that he used the word retarded than by the fact that he dropped the F-bomb? Why does anyone even care what he said in a closed door meeting anyway? If he had been at a press conference or public meeting I could understand the outrage but what he said was not for public consumption. Most people do not speak with the same care in private as they do in public and that's perfectly okay with me.

I would like to emphasize that this is not a defense of Emmanuel so much as a refutation of the notion of political correctness. I rail against this scurrilous parsing of words as a means to discredit or attack someone; anyone. I refuse to accept that because some faceless conglomeration of idiots has decided that a specific word carries some newly defined significance I can no longer use it.

If the PC crowd wants to get its panties in a bunch about what Emmanuel said they should focus on the profanity. The "f" word has never been and acceptable adjective to use in civil discourse.

My opinion on the whole things reads like this: we need to be more focused on what Emmanuel and his socialist boss are doing and less on what they are saying. This group has already proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that their words mean little. Lets not get distracted from the real issue by shifting the discussion from policy to semantics.

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