Killer Whale Kills

I don't often find myself agreeing with PETA; however, they are right on this one. A Giant, 12,000 pound orca killed it's trainer, pulling her into the pool and drowning her. And this is the 3rd person this particular orca has killed. PETA is upset that this whale is even in the tank and on display.

Obviously, it's unfortunate that this trainer died. She dedicated her life to helping animals and enabling other people to appreciate and enjoy them. These are noble pursuits.

But honestly, what, exactly, is a Killer Whale doing in a large fish tank? Is anyone surprised it acted the way it did? How would you feel it you were stuck in a bathtub when millions of years of evolution had taught you to swim in the vast ocean? What if you were biologically wired to kill seals and other sea creatures for food? There is no guilt (you know, cause seals are cute) no remorse, no shame -nor should there be- for acting as God and nature have designed it to act.

Why would we keep Killer Whales and "play" with them? Isn't this accident avoidable? At least that idiot who lived with the bears got eaten while the bears were in their own natural habitat and not while they were cooped up like, well, an animal.

People who go to Sea World are looking for a show, a circus, entertainment. One parent in a video I watched said that just before the attack, his daughter remarked how she thought they were cute and would like one for a pet. He said she is now traumatized. How else should we expect her to respond when we portray the wild animas as a giant cuddley fish?

But this is what happens when we teach people that nature isn't only about survival of the fittest and unabashedly cruel. This is what happens when we expose kids to ideas in nature that do not jive with reality. We teach them that we can play with and manipulate a 12,000 pound animal. The reality is that we just can't. We do a great disservice when we paint a picture of the world that everyone must live in that simply isn't accurate.

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