Congress continues to hemorrhage incumbents.

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Congress continues to hemorrhage incumbents.

In the run up to the mid-term elections of 2010 it seems as if incumbents can read the proverbial writing on the wall. Evan Bayh's announcement is the most recent in a long stream of retirements.

What better way to heal the "body politic" than to purge from its bowels the parasites that infect it. What better way to address the financial meltdown we have experienced than to give Congress a colonic and flush away the detritus that litters both sides of the aisle.

Incumbents feeling the pressure from movements such as the "tea party" and a barrage of attacks from talk radio are saving the nation the drama (entertainment) of watching them drown under a sea of voter frustration. They are instead opting to fall upon their own swords thereby eliminating the public spectacle of a humiliating defeat.

The following is an up to date list of incumbents who, for one reason or another, have decided to remove themselves from contention:

In the Senate:

Christopher Dodd of Connecticut (D)
Ted Kaufman of Delaware (D)
Roland Burris of Illinois (D)
Evan Bayh of Indiana (D)
Byron Dorgan of North Dakota (D)
George LeMieux of Florida (R)
Sam Brownback of Kansas (R)
Jim Bunning of Kentucky (R)
Kit Bond of Missouri (R)
Judd Gregg of New Hampshire (R)
George Voinovich of Ohio (R)

In the House of Representatives:

Artur Davis of Alabam (D)
Marion Berry of Arkansas (D)
Vic Snyder of Arkansas (D)
Diane Watson of California (D)
Kendrick Meekof FLorida (D)
Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii (D)
Dennis Moore of Kansas (D)
Charlie Melancon of Louisiana (D)
Paul Hodes of New Hampshire (D)
Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania (D)
Patrick J. Kennedy of Rhode Island (D)
Bart Gordon: Retiring of Tennessee (D)
John S. Tanner of Tennessee (D)
Brian Baird of Washington (D)

Arkansas's John Boozman (R)
Arizona's John Shadegg (R)
California's George Radanovich (R)
Delaware's Michael Castle (R)
Florida's Adam Putnam (R)
Florida's Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R)
Georgia's Nathan Deal (R)
Indiana's Steve Buyer (R)
Illinois's Mark Kirk (R)
Kansas's Jerry Moran (R)
Kansas's Todd Tiahrt (R)
Michigan's Peter Hoekstra (R)
Michigan's Vern Ehlers (R)
Missouri's Roy Blunt (R)
Oklahoma's Mary Fallin (R)
South Carolina's Henry E. Brown, Jr. (R)
South Carolina's J. Gresham Barrett (R)
Tennessee's Zach Wamp (R)

Like a patient on the operating table our nation is in desperate need of an new life giving blood. Voters this November will have the opportunity to ensure that we get that life saving transfusion. In the mean time we can only hope that the string of retirements continues. Maybe Obama, Pelosi and Reid will get the hint.


  1. Nice list I was unaware that so many Republicans were "retiring." I was only aware of all the Democrats.


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