The truth about the Massachusetts Senatorial race.

The truth about the Massachusetts Senatorial race.

The special election that was supposed to be in the bag for Martha Coakley has turned into a nightmare for the Democratic Party. What was once a surefire win has become a fight down to the wire.

Scott Brown rose from the ranks of the anonymous buoyed on the backs of bloggers and grass roots activists. From unknown to contender, he now poses a serious threat to Coakley in her bid to claim the seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

Coakley, for her part, left the door to defeat wide open by running a half-hearted campaign. She arrogantly assumed that a seat held for forty years by a Democrat would, well, go to a Democrat. The Conservative blogosphere saw that opening and exploited it to its fullest potential proving unequivocally that assumption is the mother of all…

Lost behind the sensational headlines is the fact that, regardless of the outcome, the Democratic Party has been put on notice. Their wildly unpopular liberal agenda has awoken the sleeping “populist” in this country. That is not to say that a Brown win would not be a crippling, and welcome, blow to the Obama agenda; it certainly would. But beyond that lurks the specter of a conservative landslide in the mid-term and subsequent presidential election.

True dyed in the wool Liberal Democrats may be willing to sacrifice their careers in the name of “the agenda” but I would be willing to bet most rank and file Democrats are not. This race has brought to the forefront the fact that even candidates in traditionally liberal strongholds are not immune to the populist uprising.

This race, coupled with the gubernatorial wins by conservatives earlier this year, has to be weighing heavily on the minds of those who are up for re-election this year. I am certain they will be watching Tuesday’s race with a great deal of anxiety even should Coakley be able to pull out the win.

We should step back and view the larger picture and understand that a loss in Massachusetts does not spell defeat. In truth we have already won the ideological battle when we can look to a place like Massachusetts and realize that Conservatives have a legitimate chance at winning. . Places that were once written off as a lost cause to Conservatives are once again “fair game”.

We have to keep pushing back against the tide of liberal/socialist legislation at every turn. We have to find and promote good Conservative candidates to run against those who have forgotten who they represent.

Having said all that; I still find myself hoping against hope that Scott Brown can win this one. It may not spell the end for “Obamacare” but it will force liberals to resort to even more despicable tactics to pass their legislation. It will force them to unmask in full view of the American public. Most Americans will find the visage unbearable and the end of liberalism will be within sight.

Go Scott Brown!

For current events on the Massachusetts election visit my friends over at Jumping In Pools.

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