Obama Endorses Deficit Task Force

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama Saturday endorsed a bipartisan plan to name a special task force charged with coming up with a plan to curb the spiraling budget deficit, though the idea has lots of opposition from both his allies and rivals on Capitol Hill.

That's as far as I made it through this Fox News piece before laughter forced me to stop. How does Obama say these things with a straight face?

I can save a great deal of tax payer money and Congressional time by offering President Obama a few suggestions:

1. Stop trying to cram health care reform down our throats. That should shave the deficit by $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

2. Abandon the cap and trade legislation. Oppressive regulation and increased energy costs will drive business into the ground and cut consumer discretionary spending. Those two things combined will cut federal tax revenue significantly thereby increasing the deficit; not lowering it.

3. No more stimulus plans and no more bailouts. They obviously do not work and they are exploding the deficit.

4. Stop exploring new ways to expand social programs. We do not have the money to support the ones we already have.

5. Start cutting back on programs like welfare. The welfare program has become bloated and loaded with able bodied workers who should be contributing to the system and not exploiting it.

6. Make some real concerted effort to cut fraud in programs like Medicaid and welfare. Just cutting out the corruption should make a noticeable dent in federal spending.

7. Stop spending money we do not have! You and those of your ilk have already strapped American taxpayers with crushing debt. Stop printing money; stop borrowing from China; stop giving it away to Wall Street; just stop spending.

8. Stop supporting millions of illegal immigrants and enact meaningful immigration reform. Keep those who are productive members of society and boot those out who are not. 

9. Tell the UN to piss off and cut their funding. Giving away tax payer money to support a bunch of anti-American dictators and despots makes no sense at all. Let them foot the bill to provide a forum for the likes of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

10. Stop talking about balancing the budget and do something about it. We do not need inept and ineffectual panels, commissions or boards to study the issue. The answer is simple. Spend less than you take in.

Once you have enacted the above suggestions in some concrete and verifiable way you can then ask the American people to make sacrifices. Once we see our government acting responsibly we may be inclined to follow your advice. But for now you are just so many hypocritical asses braying in the wind. Until you curb your insatiable appetite to spend our money you have no right to ask us to sacrifice a single thing.

Until then STFU and quit wasting our money and our time.

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  1. May things that govt are unable to control getting hidden under the covers of task forces, which are trying to hide the real facts. Obama is already risking his govt on the WAT and health care!


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