Massachusetts Election Update

9:00 p.m. with 46% of the vote counted it stacks up like this:

Scott Brown 52% with 514,370
Martha Coakley 47% with 459,949


9:03 p.m. Scott Brown has widened the lead to 7 points.

with 57% of the votes in:

Scott Brown 53% with 653,783
Martha Coakley 46% with 575,357

9:13 p.m. with 65% of the vote counted the race is as follows:

Scott Brown         53% with 745,361
Martha Coakley   46% with 654,070

There are some seriously long faces over at CNN.

I think Wolf and Larry are going to have to hit the prozac if the trend continues.

9:21 p.m. with 69% of the vote counted Scott Brown is still leading 53% to 46%.

I will keep you updated. Bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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