Massachusetts Election Results: Updated by the Minute.

The polls have closed now its all over but the waiting.

The results so far with 8% counted are as follows:

Scott Brown 52% with 103,633 - Martha Coakley 47% with 93,019 Kennedy bringing up the rear with less than 1% at 2,000. Check back for updated results throughout the night.

8:44p.m. Brown now has 200,00 to Coakley's 182,000

The latest numbers at 8:48 p.m. show Scott Brown with a 5 point lead with 25% of the vote counted. The numbers are as follows:

As of 8:55p.m. the margin is holding steady at 52% for Brown and 47% for Coakley with 36% of the votes counted. 

Scott Brown 52% 288,617 - Martha Coakley 47% with 260,730

Its going to good so far for the conservative candidate but 75% of the vote is till uncounted.

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