A Letter to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Levine

Dear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mark Levine,

I have to challenge you to do a better job. I feel as though you really missed or ignored something. You are the biggest names out there to conservatives. The elected Republicans don’t articulate the conservative message but you do. I enjoy your shows, especially you, Rush. But if we miss with this generation, we will be looking at a generation who will never be conservative. This is intended as purely constructive. But it’s not aimed only at you - I hope the reader, as they engage the left and talk politics with family and friends, will take this advice to heart, think about it and perhaps test it out.

I have often heard that, “the Founders didn’t intend for our government to do this”, or something similar. I have thought this very phrase myself on many occasions. While this is true that the Federal Government has done many things that are outside the Constitution, this is not the slam dunk that many seem to think it is, as though upon hearing this and seeing it proved, the liberal, independent or moderate will suddenly see the light and start being conservative. Yes, it’s accurate. Yes, we need to change some things. Yes, we need to reel in our runaway government.

But is this a good answer to why we need to change our government, simply because it’s different from what the Founders or Constitution intended or meant? No. That is, I don’t think it’s a good answer for people that are around my age (33) or younger. Of course, my parents and grandparents seem fine with this answer. They don’t feel as though anything else is needed. Even if they are liberal, the older generation has more of a respect for things of the past and tradition. We can not begin or end political arguments with the younger generation by simply proving that what we have now is not what the Constitution or Founders wanted. Some might respond positively, of course. Most simply can’t relate.

The Founders and the Constitution broke with tradition. They were different. There is no need to defend capitalism because it’s old or traditional; we defend it because it’s right. We defend it because it works. We defend it because freedom and individual liberty are things that all human beings inherently have. Why make a defense of something just because it’s old or was done in the past?

I have also heard you defend capitalism and limited government on the basis of faith. This, too, is a mistake. Immanuel Kant did a great disservice to Christians, even though he was one, when he separated faith and reason, as though the two were separate. But when defending positions on the basis of faith, we have given reason to our opponents. This is wrong. There are rational arguments for freedom, property, individual rights and justice. These ideas are most reasonable for all human beings.

As a result, I’m calling for you men to help make sure that we are reaching the younger generation by making the case for freedom and liberty starting from the beginning. Not a reformation, like Glenn Beck’s “re-founding of America”, back to what the Constitution and Founders wanted. That is the goal, naturally, but we need to start from scratch and get into the culture because the left has done a good job at debunking faith and the traditions and successes of our past. As a result, the conservative movement lost momentum, just like it did after Reagan and after the takeover of the House in 1994. Perhaps conservatives forgot about the next generation and making the case to them.

Defend conservative ideas not because they are traditional or from God but because they are rational, reasonable and logical. Reason, logic and truth are the natural enemies of the left.

The American people will respond.

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