Read the Global Warming e-mails for yourself. You decide on the truth.

It seems as if the Church of the latter day AGW's (anthropogenic global warming) has been caught fudging the truth just a bit. Skewing data to match preconceived climate models; blacklisting so called “deniers”; turning the peer review process into nothing more than a rubber stamp for like minded adherents; to name a just a few of the multitude of  egregious sins thus far uncovered within recently released emails.

The main stream media has chosen one of two tactics to minimize the damage: 1. attack the “hacker” who obtained the emails. 2. Bury their heads in the sand and pretend none of this is happening.

When an employee, or party in the “know”, releases information of wrongdoing they are hailed as “whistleblowers” and at times even rewarded. Why is this any different? The emails reveal intentional manipulation of the data to obtain the desired results. The emails reveal a coordinated systemic attempt to silence dissent and yet we have senators (Barbara Boxer for one) calling for a criminal investigation into the “hacker”. I agree that there should be a criminal investigation but that it should be into the fraud perpetrated on the world’s populace by these so called scientists.

I have taken the time to download the emails and read them for myself. I encourage each and every one of you to do the same regardless of what side of the issue you come down on. For those of us who have believed that AGW was at best unsettled science we will no doubt find confirmation of that fact. For those who believe otherwise you should find reason to question the results, maybe to question the authorities who report them as absolute.

I have included the link where the file can be found for those interested in uncovering the truth of the matter for themselves.

E-Mail Files

I have included some videos that I found interesting as well.

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