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There was a great article in the American Thinker called They Are All RINOS. Democrats, being the party of “no” for the Bush years, have now, along with the mainstream media, labeled the Republicans the party of “no” and they are right. Most Republicans are simply saying “no” and could be characterized as the diet Coke of Democrats. Bush’s Congress spent money and gave out entitlements, just like the Democrats are doing now. Granted, Bush didn’t spend 3.5 trillion in his first year in office, but many Republicans are upset that the spending of the Obama administration. Why? Where were these Republicans who were upset at the fiscal irresponsibility when Bush and the Republicans in Congress were being “Obama Light”. A little fiscal irresponsibility is not ok. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

Well, in 2006 we saw people react to the party of “no”. The spending and irresponsible policies by our Federal Government were voted out, and America chose the only other option on the table. Then Obama with his “change” slogan seemed to be a natural fit in 2008 to go along with the change in Congressional Majority. Along with the “no” was his “I’m not Bush”.

And now that the Republicans are in the minority, they are once again the party of “no”. But they need to communicate their ideas, values and policies (and then stick to them once in power) in a way that the American people will understand. They need a phrase that people will identify with and then vote for legislation that proves to people that they aren’t just about power.

The value in articulating a philosophy that guides the Republican Party’s nominations, policies and legislation is that people will know where they stand on a particular issue and they will know why. It will also enable the Republicans to contrast themselves with the Democrats and their beliefs. Republicans can’t get into little policy skirmishes over details – like Olympia Snow and other Republicans – who might support healthcare “if it has this” or ” if it doesn’t do that”. Such compromises only help those are in power and weaken the Republican overall message by communicating the idea that my values are for sale, my vote is for sale, I do not stand for anything other than my own personal re-election.

So I have decided to put out a slogan that Republican Party and others may feel free to adopt: It’s My Responsibility. Healthcare? It’s my responsibility, not the government’s, not my employers, mine. The education of my children? It’s My Responsibility. Retirement? It’s My Responsibility. Paying for a car, house or food? It’s My Responsibility. Giving to to poor, providing for those in need? It’s My Responsibility. I do not want help because I, as a productive member of society, can do it myself. To even imply that I need or want help is a slap in the face and an insult to my humanity. All I ask from elected officials is that they get out of the way and keep me safe from enemies abroad. Stop taxing, regulating and controlling. I do not want you in my life now or ever. Leave me alone to provide for those that I love and care about. LIFE IS MY RESPONSIBILITY.

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