Epic Fail: Health Care Reform


I suppose it was a foregone conclusion that health care legislation would pass. That does not soften the blow in anyway; much like the expected death of a close family member this bill will likely signal the death of the America we grew up in.

The only silver lining, if there be any, to this dark cloud of socialism ; to this epic fail, is the fact that it is completely owned by the Democratic Party. At the end of the day Republican hands are blood free and liberalism will be found hanging dead in a noose of its own design. Far from being a bipartisan effort this was a liberal cram down of unprecedented proportions. No amount of “Swiftboating” will shift the blame and there will be a stiff price to pay for Democrats come election time. The damage will have been done by then and I fear that death of liberalism may be of little consolation as America slides into the dark malaise of socialism it leaves in its wake.

The majority of Americans view this legislation as bad for the country. That fact seems to have fallen on deaf ears in Washington. Our representatives no longer care about the will of the people and are more concerned with the agenda of liberalism. Were this an issue of what’s best for the country I suppose our leaders would have taken the time to at least read the bill.

As the snow falls in our nations capital and the country gears up for the celebration of our Saviors’ birth dark clouds threaten on the horizon. Good cheer and brotherly love have been supplanted by something sinister.

A new order has taken control in Washington and this socialist regime has made its list and found America lacking. The totalitarian despots and dictators of the world were good and worthy of praise while America was bad and worthy only of rebuke, so our leaders say. They will reward countries like Venezuela and Iran while punishing the success of the country they proclaim to love. Our taxes will go up and our quality of life will go down while we funnel billions to developing nations to pay for our environmental indiscretions. Our wealth and prosperity will serve to fund those who hate us in the name of equality for all.

In a time when hope and good cheer should be the predominating mood I can’t help but feel that something has been irrevocably lost; I cannot help but feel sorrow at the prospect. I pray that this country will survive the tempest but I fear that time is running out. The season that celebrates the birth of Jesus may be remembered by future generations as the beginning of the end of this great country. I pray that I am wrong.

Let me conclude in a fashion most politically incorrect and petition each of you to pray for this country. I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.

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